10 Amazing Homemade Turmeric Packs To Try Now

Turmeric, a magical ingredient, which is mainly used in cooking is a miraculous ingredient for your skin. It is loaded with antioxidants and is anti-bacterial in nature, making it a very effective ingredient for keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Turmeric prevents acne, removes dark patches, lightens the skin, has anti-ageing properties and offers numerous skincare solutions.

Here Are 10 Homemade Turmeric Packs For Healthy And Glowing Skin.

1. Turmeric Pack For Instant Glow:

Turmeric paste or powder mixed with gram flour and milk works wonders for your skin. Apply this simple face mask and you will be surprised with the instant glow. This is an excellent exfoliating mask that can be used before bathing. Leave it for 10 minutes before washing off with cool water.

Turmeric Pack For Instant Glow

2. Turmeric Anti-Ageing Pack:

The anti-ageing properties of turmeric is well known. It helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity and the antioxidants cater to new cell growth, preventing rapid ageing. To make an anti-ageing face pack with turmeric, mix yogurt or milk with the turmeric and massage it on your face in a circular motion. Leave it until the mask dries and wash off with cool water.

Turmeric Anti-Ageing Pack

3. Anti-Wrinkle Turmeric Pack:

The first spots of ageing appear with wrinkles. To reduce its appearance, turmeric plays a vital role. It can be mixed with raw milk, rice powder and some tomato juice to prepare a fantastic face pack.

Anti-wrinkle Turmeric Pack

4. Deep Cleansing Pack With Turmeric:

Deep cleansing is extremely vital for the upkeep of healthy skin. Turmeric acts as a natural deep cleanser and you can use it at home for cleaning your face. Mix it with rice powder and make a fine paste with yogurt or raw milk. Apply it to your face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. This will effectively exfoliate your skin.

Deep Cleansing Pack With Turmeric

5. Skin Lightening Turmeric Pack:

Turmeric helps to remove skin discolorations and helps lighten spots. So, try to use turmeric in face packs if you are suffering from dark spots. Simply mix turmeric with honey and papaya paste to prepare a formulation for skin lightening.

Skin Lightening Turmeric Pack

6. Acne Controlling Turmeric Pack:

Pimples and acne can be extremely irritating. The anti-bacterial properties of turmeric helps to control acne to a large extent. It not only heals existing infections but also prevents its future occurrence. If you are suffering from acne, use a paste made with turmeric and sandalwood powder. Mix it with rosewater and apply it on the affected areas.

Acne Controlling Turmeric Pack

7. Moisturizing Turmeric Mask:

One of the basic needs of healthy, glowing skin is moisturizer. Turmeric can be used as a moisturizer in a pack made with honey and rose water. Mix all the ingredients together and apply it on your face and neck for beautiful, hydrated skin.

Moisturizing Turmeric Mask

8. Turmeric Pack For Dark Circles:

Dark circles make your skin dull and lifeless. To get rid of this problem use turmeric. Mix a tablespoon of pure Aloe Vera gel with turmeric to make a fine paste. Apply it around your eyes and wash off when it dries completely. This can be regularly practiced to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Turmeric Pack For Dark Circles

9. Blackhead Removal Pack With Turmeric:

Another problematic area on your face is the zone around the nose. Blackheads start appearing over the nostrils and are often hard to remove. Combine a pinch of cinnamon and a teaspoon of yogurt with turmeric powder to make a simple mask that helps to remove blackheads effectively. Apply it around your nose and wash off when it dries.

Blackhead Removal Pack With Turmeric

10. Turmeric, Cream And Honey Pack For Instant Moisturization:

If you have very dry skin or need instant moisturization, mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric with 2 tablespoons of cream and a teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your face and neck. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off. The cream and honey will make your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Turmeric, Cream And Honey Pack For Instant Moisturization