6 Steps For A Perfect Manicure At Home

Manicure is one of the most important part of our hand care regimen. Most of the time we skip it due to laziness or due to hectic schedule. Manicure helps to keep the nails in shape and maintain its overall health. There are various types of manicures available in salons nowadays which you can choose according to your choice. If you do not have a time to go to salons to get the manicure done, you can even get the ready to use manicure kit at home to do the same. There are many brands which offers such types of manicure kits in the market. Today’s post is all about doing a perfect manicure at home. We would be discussing all the steps. So lets get started .

1. Collect Ingredients

In this step, We would collect all the necessary ingredients and tools required for manicure. Generally when you buy a manicure kit you get all the tools included in it. But if you have not bought any kit, still you can use tools which are easily available at our home. You would need to gather a nail filer, buffer, Clipper,  Your regular face or body scrub, A good massage cream , Towels and a nail paint.

Collect Ingredients

2. Prepare The Nails

In this process, First we would prepare our nails. We would cut, file and shape the nails. You can give any desired shape to your nails let it be oval or square. Make sure you do not trim your nails too short since it can expose your hands to infection and dirt. You would also need to remove the oil nail paint by using the nail polish remover. You can use acetone free nail remover which is gentle on the skin and does not dry out the fingertips. It also does not leave any whitish cast on your nails. Now lets move to the third step.

3. Exfoliating & Soaking The Hands

In this step we would exfoliate our hands. You can use any of your regular scrub or a homemade sugar based scrub for this. It would helps to remove the dead skin cell from your hands. Exfoliate your hands gently for 5 to 10 minutes. Once done with scrubbing, soak your hands in lukewarm water mixed with a normal salt. You can also add any gentle face wash in it. Let it soak for at least 5 minutes. Make sure you do not exceed it for more than 5 minutes since it can dry out your hands further.

4. Push Cuticles Back

Once done with the soaking, We will move to the fourth step. In this step we would push the cuticles back. Most of the people prefer to clip them off by using clipper or cuticle remover. But you can push them off by using a clipper. Since removal of cuticles can expose fingernails to bacteria and can lead to infection as well. Once you push the cuticles back apply a light coat of baby oil on it.

5. Apply Nail Paint

This would be the Fifth step of our manicure treatment. Since we are already done with cuticles  now we will apply a base coat on the nails. It is always advised to apply a base coat first before applying any coat of a colored nail paint. Make sure the base coat dries out first before applying the another coat of a nail paint. If you wish you can also go for a french tip after applying a base coat.

6. Moisturize The Hands

In this last step, we would moisturize our hands with any of the good massage cream. You can even use body oil for the same. Since in the last five steps we did the cleansing of hands and nails now its time to hydrate them and replenish the lost moisture. Massage your hands with a cream till it gets absorbed in your skin. Make sure you also massage nail cuticles. Moisturizing prevents hands from premature aging and gives youthful look.

That’s It. We are done with our Manicure session. Do try it and let us know your feedback.