7 Steps To Perfect Pedicure At Home

We all love to take care of our skin, hair and our eyes. Sometimes we even look after our hands and rush to salons for a manicure sessions since we love to flaunt those manicured hands and perfectly shaped nails. But what about out feet ? Most of time we tend to skip this. We just apply the regular moisturizer or lotion to keep it moisturized which is actually not sufficient. Even our feet requires the TLC. The skin on the feet is very dry and rough as compared to the other parts of the body. Hence using the normal body lotion or cream will not serve the purpose. Hence we would need to pamper our feet with a pedicure session at least once in a month to take care of it. It is understood that most of us have a hectic life style and busy schedule due to which it is almost impossible to take out time for each and every thing. Hence today we would be discussing about how you can pamper your feet at home at your convenient time. So lets get started.

1. Collect Ingredients

We would gather all the required tools and ingredients required for the pedicure process.Most of the ingredients and tools would be available at our home only. Hence it would save your time as well. We would need a clipper, a nail filer, a small tub, a foot file, towel, a cuticle pusher, any foot scrub or body scrub, shower gel or body wash, nail paint including the base coat and a massage cream.

2. Prepare Nails

In this step we would remove the oil nail paint by using a nail paint remover. Once done, we would clip the nails to the desired length and shape them. Generally you should shape it in a square and make sure you cut straight since improper clipping can lead to ingrown nails which we all know is very painful. Now lets jump to the step thee.

3. Feet Soak

In this step we would soak our feet. For this we would add few drops of body wash or shower gel in a tub filled with warm water. You can also add some salt in it. Now soak your feet in it for at least 5 to 10 minutes. If you wish you can also add few drops of essential oils such a lavender oil to relax your feet. If the bath salts are available you can also add it to the water to enhance the experience.

4. Feet Exfoliation

Once done with then foot soak we would move to the exfoliation part. In this step We would use any body scrub or foot scrub to scrub away the dead skin cells from your feet. You can also use the homemade scrub prepared with salt and coconut oil for the same. Scrub your feet for at least 10 minutes in a circular motion and wash off afterwards with cold water. Once done take a foot file and scrub the soles of your feet to remove the dead skin.

5. Push Cuticles Back

In this step we would push back the cuticles by using cuticle pusher. It is advisable to apply a drop of baby oil on cuticles before pushing it back. Since it would soften the cuticles and it would be easy to push them back.

Push Cuticles Back

6. Apply Nail Paint

In this step we would apply the base coat on the nails. As it is recommended to always apply a base coat before applying your favorite color of the nail polish to avoid staining on the nails. Make sure the base coat dries first before you apply the colored nail paint. Once you apply the colored nail paint top it with a clear coat to seal the polish.

7. Moisturize The Feet

This would be the last step of our Pedicure session. In this we would be massaging our feet with any of the foot cream or body oil. Always choose a heavy and rich cream to massage the feet. If you are hitting the bed after this session you can wear a pair of socks and you would wake up with soft and smoother feet.