10 Amazing Hacks To Make Your Eye Shadow Brighter

Eye makeup is an art that offers you the choice to play with multiple looks. There are different looks to complement different occasions. But the one thing that makes some women stand out of the crowd in every eye makeup look is brighter eyes. And the only way to get those brighter eyes is by making your eyeshadow brighter and vibrant. It imparts a charming fake glow to the eyes that makes them look bigger. We have listed 10 amazing hacks below to help you flaunt those deep eyes by brightening your eyeshadow.

1. Use A Non Drying Liquid Eyeliner

This is one professional secret hack that not many people will spill out to you. But using a liquid eyeliner that takes time to dry out is one of the best ways to make your eyeshadow one tone brighter. Apply a thick layer of eyeliner and immediately dab the eyeshadow on top of it. Use a wide brush to smudge the two before the liner dries out. This gives the eyeshadow a dark mysterious look that brings out more vibrancy.

2. Use A Gel Based Shimmering Illuminator Underneath Your Eyeshadow

Use an illuminator to not just line up your lower brow, rather apply it evenly underneath the eyeshadow. It will work as a brightening base that will add unmatched glow to your eyeshadow. It will also make the eyes look somewhat bigger.

3. Use An Eye Primer

An eye primer will perfectly cover all the imperfections and give a velvety base for the eyeshadow to glide on. But surprising, the eyeshadow will illuminate much more than when you apply the eyeshadow without applying an eye primer. Always remember, a soft base always works well to pop out the colour ever more brightly.

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4. Use Fine Shimmers

Top up the primer/illuminator with very fine shimmer particles. Apply the eyeshadow on top of it. It will immediately brighten up the eyeshadow and give a mild glittering effect. If you’re worried about the base not being soft enough, you can use fine cream based transparent shimmers on top of the eyeshadow as well. Just remember to not use bigger shimmers.

5. Use A White Eye Shadow Below The Colour You’re Planning To Wear

Anything that’s white will bring the better out of the colour you wear on your eyes. You can build up the colour you want to wear to get a deeper/opaque tint. Use a brush to blend the two very well. It will make the eyes brighter and fuller, not just the eyeshadow.

6. Use A Silver Or White Sketch To Outline Your Lower Brow Line

This trick might sound a little unorthodox, but it is totally worth a trial. It diverts all the attention to the eyes and create a false contract between the eyes and the brow line. The eyeshadow automatically looks brighter and deeper. Though, it works best for dusky women or the ones with an olive skin tone.

7. Use A Mild Tinted Blush

This is an amazing way to make your eyeshadow look exceptionally brighter. Just use a cream based blush underneath your eyeshadow. Do not use a powder based blush. If you do, let it settle well over the prime before you use the eyeshadow. Ensure the blush is at least 2 tones lighter than the eyeshadow colour you are wearing. It will add a soft glow to the eyeshadow that will make the eyes look brighter. It will work more magically if you apply a thick line of deeply pigmented black eyeliner and skip your kajal.

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8. Use A Wet Brush To Apply The Eyeshadow

Use a wet brush to apply your eyeshadow. But use a normal dry brush to do the rest of the makeup. It will make the eyeshadow look brightest of all the other parts. This is one of the easiest trick to brighten up your eyes when you’re running out of time.

9. Use A Concealer

Use a cream based concealer at least 2 tones lighter than your complexion. Ensure you use a concealer according to your undertone though. Once the concealer sets, apply the eyeshadow with a wet brush. This will make the eyeshadow glow throughout the day. Moreover, you can retouch your eyeshadow as many times as you desire to, using a wet brush. It will keep sparkling as if applied freshly.

10. Use A Colour Corrector

Use a colour corrector only on the eyes and not the rest of your face. However, if your face needs a colour corrector desperately, then ensure that you use a brightening loose powder over the colour corrector on the eyes and smudge them both with the eyeshadow very well. You can also use a shimmer based powder alone under the eyeshadow.

The above listed 10 hacks will make your eyeshadow at least two times brighter. And your eyes will look bigger and brighter all through the day. Try them to believe in them.

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