10 Amazing Make Up And Beauty Products For Summer In Market

Summer is one of the most important part of the whole season, it has many benefits, but it is sometime, not good for your skin and face, the main problem during summer is the sweat and due to this our whole make up will get vanished, so many cosmetic products manufacturing companies comes with their make up and beauty products especially for the summer, there products soak the sweat and your make up stays for longer time on your face, here is the list of the make up and the beauty products you can try in summer.

1. Avene Cleanance Gel

Avene cleanance gel is soap free cleanser, that is very effective in cleaning and soothing the irritated skin, due to presence of thermal spring water in it. If you have been out in summer season the skin will become quite dirty, so this cleanser just cleanse every thing without make your skin dry because it has the gel base and it does not foamed heavily. This cleanser has no harsh chemicals like the soap, if you have breakout or pimples on your face, even in summer season and also it maintains natural pH balance of your skin by reducing the sebum production.

2. Forest Essentials Hydrating Rosewater Gel

Forest essentials hydrating rosewater gel is the light hydrating facial gel, that contains rosewater and also has aloe vera. When you are on vacation you probably go out for the whole day and your skin become so oily, greasy and you have no time to make up again, but this get will hydrates your skin and do not allow the oil and grease come out from your face and your face will look flawless.

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3. LOreal Paris Aqua Essence Sunscreen

In the summers harmful rays of the sun causes tanning and burning on the skin, sometimes your skin will look aged, so you need to apply a good sunscreen on your body in summers. LOreal paris aqua essence sunscreen protect your skin from ultraviolet ray specially from UVA and UVB rays, which cause serious damaged your skin such as premature ageing, wrinkle, skin cancer and freckles. In summer this aqua sunscreen can control oil and sebum production and also protect your skin from dust, pollution, makeup and pollen.

4. Lotus Herbals Sunblock Mist

Lotus herbals sunblock mist is completely water proof, sweet proof, so if you are going to swimming or beach, this mist is not going to wash off with water. This sunblock has SPF 50 and PA+++ protection and comes in pump spray packaging, so its really quick to apply, as you can just spray this mist on your arms, legs, any other exposed areas and just massage gently.

5. Morocconoil Smoothing Shampoo

Morocconoil smoothing shampoo is a best hydrating shampoo that provides you soft, smooth and healthy hair. This shampoo is free from harsh chemicals such as paraben, sulfates that give dullness to the hair and damage it, but this shampoo helps in managing your hair and it gives volume, shine to your hair. This shampoo comes in blue colored bottle with nice packaging and the texture of this shampoo is transparent with little runny consistency.

6. LÓreal Magic Nude Foundation

LÓreal magic nude foundation is light weight powder foundation, it is basically a combination of both the powder and the cream, powder soak the sweat and the cream gives you glowing skin, so before applying shake it very well, then take some foundation on your finger tip and apply this foundation on your skin. This foundation is very watery, really lightweight fluid and once you blend it on your skin, it gives a velvety powdery kind of finish and does not look like that you are wearing a lot of makeup, and it shows a light makeup, gives you a fresh look and stays on your skin for long time.

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7. Plum Natur Studio Kajal

Plum natur studio is a all day wear kajal, it is basically a gel linear in a pencil form, that does not smudge or melt in heat especially in summer. This waterproof kajal has a creamy consistency, really soft on the eyes and the color is really jet black. Once this plum kajal is dry down, it sets completely into a smudge proof finish and it does not move at all from your eyes areas. You can apply this kajal as top of your lash line, this kajal stays for a long time without melting off in sweat or heat.

8. Colorbar Zoom And Whoosh Mascara

Colorbar zoom and whoosh mascara is a zoom and whoosh mascara that comes with dual applicator brush. It is a super volumizing mascara and it is completely water proof. If you do not want to go with dramatic look, you can just use the pink part, as once you pull out this mascara the applicator will not pick up much product and if you want to do really high volume dramatic look, you can just use the entire silver part, when you pull it out the brush will pick up more product as it comes out.

9. Maybelline Candy Wow Tinted Lip Balm

Maybelline candy wow Tinted Lip Balm is a super hydrating lip balm. The tint of this lip balm is quite strong that does not look super sheer, when you apply this lip balm, you actually get good amount of color on your lips and very comfortable to wear in summer as you need not to reapply, as it stays on your lips for 6 to 7 hours. The skin of your lips is very sensitive, fine as compared to rest of your body skin, so it cracks and peels easily because lack of hydration. In Summer, application of this sunscreen lip balm is best way to protect your lips from pigmentation, irritations, crankiness and peeling.

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10. Colorbar Wipes

Colorbar wipes is basically a wet wipes that soaks makeup, remove dust and sweat from your face. This makeup remover wipe is so handy in travelling, you can carry it in your bag and use it whenever you need to remove any thing, so if you want to remove the makeup easily, anywhere then these wipes are the best option for you.

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