10 Beautiful Side Swept Updos To Try Today

If you love the side swept hairstyle the most, then there is good news for you. These hairstyles are the biggest vogue going on these days. Such hairstyles are flattering the females universally and moreover enhancing the overall appearance. If you are planning a romantic date, surprise your love one my making the trendiest side swept updo which suits you the most. Side swept hairdos work effortlessly with long hair, short hair of any type (straight, wavy or curly). We bring to you 10 super easy classy side swept hairdos.

1. Side Swept Braided Bun

This style is most suitable for those with moderate to long hair. You need to properly comb the hair and make two horizontal partitions. Pick one portion, turn it to one side and start braiding. Once you have the ear region, stop and fix the braid gently using bobby pins. Using the remaining hair make a messy bun and again secure the bun with bobby pins; you can use embellishments for a gorgeous look. Finish the look with a hair spray.

2. Side Low Bun With A Sharp Cut Fringe

For this gorgeous hair style separate the main hair and your upper fringe part. Use the lower hair portion and make a low standing bun; secure using a bobby pins and hair spray. Take the upper fringe, straighten it using the machine and secure tightly on one of the side as per your preference.

3. Soft Curly Side Updo

Again you need to separate a lower part and the top part. Pick the lower part and make a side swept twisted bun. Once the bun is secured curl the top hair using tongs and secure them on the side of the bun. You can add flowers for that fresh and gorgeous look.

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4. Soft Knot With A Side Fringe

Separate the fringe portion from the main hair. Back comb both the portions before tying. Take the lower hair and make a soft messy bun and secure with hair pins; you may also pick few strands out for a messy look. Once the bun is done make a sleek fringe using the remaining hair.

5. Side Swept Crown

Make two equal horizontal parts of your hair and secure the lower part using a band or hair clip. Take the upper hair and comb so as to make it free of knots. Start braiding from one end to other end to complete the entire circle which resembles a crown. Using the remaining hair make a side messy bun.

6. Sleek Side Pigtail

This hairstyle is better suited for ladies with long hair. Take all your hair to one side which is preferable. Take a top portion and tie using small bands; twist the tied hair to form a twisted pigtail. Repeat this twice or thrice as suitable for your hair and tie the remaining hair into a pigtail. You can use different coloured bands and flowers for the extra glam.

7. Simple Side Bun

This is a very simple go-to style when you are running late and yet need to look your best. Comb your hair and place it on side one and make a round bun; secure using bobby pins. Take two front sections of your hair and curl them using a curling tong for that chic look.

8. Side French Bun

This style is a modification of the famous French pun. Separate two hair portions on the top and using the remaining hair make a twisted French bun on one side of your head; secure tightly using pins and spray a good hair spray all over. Gently straighten the top strands using the machine.

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9. Side French Plait

classic French braid is one of the best style till date. For a side French plait you need to pick three hair portions and start braiding from one end to other and secure the plait using a band. This look is perfect for summer times.

10. Side Curled Fish Plait

A typical fish plait needs the hair to be divided in two parts; and then by placing small portions of hair to the opposite side a braid is made. Similarly, for the side updo you need to make two horizontal hair portions (top portion 20% of the remaining hair) and tie the upper portion. Make a side fishplait by dividing the lower part of the hair in two parts. Loosen the strands of the hair once the side plait is complete for that messy look. Curl the remaining top portions of hair and secure them behind you head loosely.

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