10 Best Eyebrow Hair Dyes You Must Try

Eyebrow hair dyes are easy and effective options to get fuller brow line. They are an amazing alternative for eyebrow plucking as well. They can easily cover up for missing hair and unwanted eyebrow tilts caused due to improper shape as a result of extra hair removal. They are also a suitable option for women not wanting to undergo expensive brow transplant surgery. We have listed 10 best eyebrow hair dyes you must try to enhance your looks.

1. Intensive Lash and Brow Hair Tint

This eyebrow hair dye is an ideal option for temporary brow hair dyeing. It is available in 2 shades of brown. It is super soft and glides seamlessly to cover up all the cuts and tilts. It gives an instant opaque coverage in just one single swatch. It has a precision tip that helps you contour your eyebrows first, and then give them a desired fuller shade.

2. Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint

This is one of the best eyebrow dyes that can give an opaque coverage for around 2 months in under 2 minutes. This long lasting eyebrow hair dye covers all the eyebrow flaws and give a fuller natural look to women with thin and light eyebrows. It doesn’t smudge or fade at all.

3. RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye For Eyebrows And Eyelashes

This highly affordable eyebrow hair dye is a long lasting solution that gives you freedom from frequent plucking and contouring. It stays without fading for as long as 2 months. It gives a seamless natural look since it glides perfectly without cracking. You need not to build it up, since it is deeply pigmented.

4. Hairpearl Intensive Cream Hair Dye For Lash And Brow Tint

This professional eyebrow hair dye is super creamy. It is devoid of coal tar. Thus, it is non allergenic. It lasts for around 1 month without cracking, fading or smudging. It comes in a range of 6 different shades to choose from. It offers the freedom to draw a desired shape and is an ideal option for women who have thin eyebrows and light eyebrow hair colour. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all.

5. Julienne Eyebrow And Lash Tint Permanent Color

This super professional precision eyebrow hair dye is an ideal option for women with bleached or blonde eyebrows. It is available in a range of different colours ranging from black to brown and even blonde. It lasts for more than 45 days without fading. It is waterproof and gives a fuller look that looks crisp, natural, professional and seamless.

6. Eylure Dylash Eyelash And Brow Dye

This filling brow dye lasts for over 1.5 months without fading. It is completely waterproof and sweat resistant. It is lightweight and causes no allergic reaction. It gently fills the brows to give a fuller look. It can also be used for contouring alone. It comes in various shades and is suitable for all undertones.

7. Swiss O Par Eyelash and Brow Dye Tint Color Kit

This is a non allergenic long lasting eyebrow dye that can be used for more than 12 times in a year. This is a budget friendly and safe eyebrow dyeing option, and the colour doesn’t comes off in less than 40 days. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky and is water resistant too. It gives a salon like crisp finish. It also gives a desired shape and opaque coverage in under 1 minute.

8. Lip Ink Miracle Brow Tint

This is a one of its kinds hair dye that is used for brow root touchups. It cover up all the grey hair in the brows. It comes in a range of 6 different colours. It also serves the basic purpose of a brow hair dye. Which means, it gives an opaque coverage and fuller look as well. It can last for over a month without fading, and can be used for more than 13 times in one year.

9. Tintocil Cream Dye Brow Tint

This super professional eyebrow hair dye is ultra creamy. It smoothens the eyebrow texture and brightens up the eyes too. It gives a desired shape and the eyebrows look fuller and thicker. It lasts without fading or melting for over 30 days. Once fading, it is as easily removed as easily it is applied. It can be used for the purpose of contouring as well.

10. Delia Cosmetics Color Cream For Eyebrows

This creamy hair dye comes in 2 different colours to choose from. It is feathery soft and looks natural and glides easily. This no fuss brow dye takes 2 minutes to give you a desired shape and fuller look for about 15 days. It is water and sweat resistant which makes it more durable and reliable. It is loaded with the goodness of Argan Oil.

The above listed 10 eyebrow hair dyes are your ideal option for long lasting brow colours and shapes. Always remember to clean the eyebrows before planning to dye them. It gives the dye a better chance to blend and look as close to natural as possible.