10 Best Eyeliner Styles To Apply On Your Eyes

With lots of advent of new and stunning beauty and cosmetic products, there are numerous styles in which you can apply and use these products. Gone are the days when ladies used to have a single stroke of eyeliners and colossal on their eyes and complete their makeup. Nowadays there are stunning and numerous styles using which you can apply flexibly, dynamic and uniquely applies eyeliner on your incredible eyes. The eyeliners are available to make small eyes look big, dramatic and stylish. Women can get glorious and blissful eyes using these amazing tricks ad techniques for applying the eyeliner. From single stroke, to double stokes, from the stylish and cool cat eye to the beautiful dusky eye look, everything can look amazing with these stunning styles of eyeliner application.

Below Are The 10 Best Eyeliner Styles To Apply On Your Eyes:

1. Beautiful Double Stroke Crease Lining

If you want an adorable and beautiful looking eye shadow, get this flawless look for this season. If you love the amazing black shade and are bored of the single lines, try this fascinating and cool style for your eyes. Along with applying the eyeliner on the eyelids and in the bottom, apply a beautiful stroke on your upper lid and make it look absolutely flawless. This is a mesmerising vintage style eyeliner technique which would gibe you perfectly shaped eyes with a unique glory.

2. Smudgy Eyeliner

If you love the dark and faded dusky effect, here is a stunning and glorious style which you can adapt for your eyeliners. You just need a simple eyeliner or colossal for getting these adorable eyes. Apply a dark stroke of colossal or eyeliner on your eyelids and create a stunning smudge effect with your finger tips or from the brushes. This amazing technique would give you beautiful smoky eyes which are irresistible and stunning.

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3. Beautiful Thick Winged Eyeliner

The beautiful wings make the eyeliner look dramatic and the eyes longer and stunning. If you want small and thick winged eyeliner, try this awesome technique. With a gel liner create a beautiful outline and then fill this thin space with beautiful and stylish black liner. We bet you would love this dramatic and sweet look.

4. Stunning Triple Winged Eyeliner

The triple winged eyeliner would make your eyes look dramatic, cool and trendy, if you want these extremely adorable eyes or just want to get this flawless look for a party, try getting amazing triple winged eyeliner and look flawless. You can also create these wings with different sizes and lengths which would make you eyes look more desirable.

5. Cool Half Liner

Half rough and half liner give a glorious and pretty look to your eyes. To get this flawless look, stroke your eyeliner in the ends in the bottom eyelid and keep the half of the portion undone. Now completely line the upper lid and make your eyes look dazzling and stylish. Try this stunning look ad flaunt your beautiful and graceful eyes with a glamorous touch.

6. Fish Tail Open Winged Liner

This is one more stunning and glorifying look you can steal this season. This beautiful and mesmerising look would make your eyes look dramatic, beautifully sculpted and sharp. Try this awesome eyeliner style and make your look more glorifying and dazzling.

7. Glorious Double Sided Winged Eyeliner

The double sided wings look perfectly dramatic, glamorous and cool. If you too love the beautiful and thin liners, you can get this style and look mesmerising. Get a beautiful and dark gel liner and apply a thick stroke till the end of the eye. Get the eyeliner thicker at both the ends making it look stylishly cool and beautiful.

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8. Beautiful Fishtail Double Wings

We cannot take our eyes off these awesome and beautifully designed eyes. The stunning look of the two winged fishtail eyeliner looks breathtakingly stunning. If you are to visit any function or party, carry this awesome eyeliner ad grab the hearts of people. Apply beautiful two wings eyeliner and get a dramatic and stunning eye shadow to complete the entire look.

9. Stunning Double Winged Liner With Shadow

This is the most attractive and modern style which you can use to give your eyes a modern, blissful and stunning looks. Instead of a complete liner eye makeup, you can use some vibrant and stylish colours ad shades of the eye shadow to make your eyes look more fantastic and cool. With a beautiful winged stroke of liner on your upper lid fill the upper lid with beautiful combinations of shades and make it look flawless.

10. Beautiful White Liner With A Thin Black Stroke

The white liners make your eyes look longer and bigger. If you want a dramatic and simple look for your eyes, get this awesome style. Apply the stunning white liner on the upper and lower eyelids and give a twist of beautiful and thin black liner ion your upper eyelid making it look flawless.

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