10 Best Lakme Blushes For Your Skin Tone

We all love the beautiful rosy cheeks and dazzling high pink cheekbones which can make any face look sharp, chiselled and flawless. If you haven’t got those naturally pink and rosy cheeks, you can try getting it with a stunning blush! The blushes are awesome and can simply highlight your cheeks as never before. While applying the blushes, it is extremely important to choose the correct blush shade as per you skin. Choosing the right blush will simply brighten your cheeks and will make your skin look at its best! Lakme is one of the most promising brands which have developed some cool blush shades which are revolutionary ad simply high impact! Try these awesome blush shades for your skin type and look mesmerizing!

1. Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher – Rose Crush

If you want a pure rosy and pinkish blush on your cheeks, here is a picture perfect blush which you must consider. This flawless blush is all what you will need to brighten up your cheeks. This classy bus is perfect for all the girls with a light and fair skin tone. With a fine powder and a shiny finish, this blush is a perfect product which will give you mesmerizing cheeks!

2. Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher Honey Bunch

If you are completely fade up of the pink and rosy blushers, get a bit experimental and try this amazing honey bunch which will redefine your blush look this season. This amazing blusher shade is something which will give you perfect mild glitter coverage and with its mesmerizing brown finish, it will make your cheeks look flattering! This is one of the best blushers which you must try!

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3. Lakme Absolute Baked Blush – Night Sheen

If you want a divine and sheer look, here is a mesmerizing blush shade which will make you look admirable. This beautiful shade is not pink but is a lavish combination of pink and b=peach which gives a flattering look over the cheeks! For a soothing and classy feel, try this super cool blush and look worth a million bucks!

4. Lakme Forever Bloom

Here is a shiny and pretty blush shade which will give a drop dead gorgeous look on your cheeks! This mesmerizing and stunning blush shade with a gold shine and beautiful shimmery finish is all you need for your skin tone! This amazing shade works best on the dusky complexion and will make it look even brighter!

5. Lakme Absolute Sun Kissed Bronzer

For a lavish glow ad shine on your face, here is an awesome bronzer cum brush which will make your cheekbones look pretty awesome. This extremely enriched and flawless bronzer is refreshing and will provide you an impeccable look every time you carry it! This is a 2 in 1 shade which will never fail to make your makeup look high impact! Thus, go with this blush and get a fresh sun kissed look!

6. Lakme Earth Rose Blush Trio

Here is a revolutionary product which will never fail to make your cheeks look admirably shiny, rosy and soothing! From the stunning beige to rosy cheeks, from the light faded to the bright sheer look, this amazing blusher is going to rock your makeup look! Try this and look naturally glorious!

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7. Lakme Face Sheer

If you love the soft, sheer and smoothening look which can make your face look polished and gracious, here is the best blush which you can try. This is a beautiful blush which will give your cheeks a fairy tale look and will mesmerize you with its impact! Try this amazing blush and make your cheeks become the highlight!

8. Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos

This is one of the exceptionally brilliant products from lakme which will embrace your natural beauty and will give you a redefining made up loo! For a classy smooth finish and admirably soft soothing cheeks, here is a 2 in 1 blush you must try. The pink and slight brown shades can make the cheeks look simply stunning!

9. Lakme Soft Pink Rose Powder

If you love the soft ad little shimmery look for your rose=y pink cheeks, here is a completely flawless product which you must try. This amazing blush will give you an impeccable look and soft rosy cheeks as never before!

10. Lakme Absolute Moon Highlighter

This 2 in 1 blusher is something which will help you get a perfect touch up in the middle of your work or important task. Go with any of these shades and look breath taking! This is a perfect shade you must consider this season!

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