Want to know what are the best makeup products from NYX cosmetics and if NYX makeup is good? Check out this article. Also learn why is NYX makeup so cheap.

Nyx cosmetics is one of the good drugstore brand named after Nyx, a greek goddess of the night.

Once you try their Cosmetics, you will be impressed and will repurchase the same product in the future. The good thing about Nyx cosmetics is the prices are reasonable and even college going girl can afford their wide variety of cosmetics and beauty product.

They does the same work as high end expensive beauty products. One more good thing about this product is it is cruelty free brand which makes a plus for the buyer who is against cruelty.

There are wide variety of products available which will make girls go gaga.

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Top Makeup Products From Nyx Cosmetics

1. Nyx Powder Blush

best nyx products 2022

Nyx Powder Blush gives you a sheer silky color and it blends on your skin very well. This powder blush glides on your skin giving you a natural glow. They are pretty amazing blush which is richly pigmented . It is available in 27 shades. Pinky, Pinched and Peach are voted the most favourite among others.

2. Nyx Dark Circle Concealer

nyx best sellers

Nyx dark circle concealer is an amazing product with reasonable price. If you can get such a good concealer for this price then you can go for it without thinking much. Always buy a shade darker than your normally use and use highlighting concealer over it. Buy orange-y tone to erase off the bluish tone under your eyes.

3. Nyx Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation

why is nyx makeup so cheap

This is the best foundation for oily skin as it soaks oil really well and gives you a good matte finish. It is long lasting and helps you to give maximum coverage and use it light if you want less coverage. This powder is better than liquid foundation as you can use this without any hassle.

4. Nyx Concealer Jar

what happened to nyx cosmetics

This amazing Concealer Jar gives you a full coverage and easily blends for a natural finish. It comes in 8 natural skin tones with a wide variety of shades. You would love this concealer after using as it is affordable and does the same job as expensive concealers. Try this and you won’t regret buying.

5. Nyx Intense Butter Gloss

best nyx lip products

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss is absolutely amazing and the lip gloss is long lasting, it actually stays all day long. It is available in several shades that work for all seasons and occasions. I like Napoleon and Toasted Marshmallow and this suits every occasion.

6. Nyx Makeup Setting Spray

best nyx products for oily skin

A Setting spray is most important thing in your makeup routine. All your efforts to look good will go in vain if you don’t use setting spray after your makeup. Nyx Makeup Setting Spray will make sure that your makeup lasts from morning till late in the evening and there is two finishes, one is a dewy fresh finish and the other is matte-shine free finish.

7. Nyx Wonder Stick

best nyx products tiktok

Nyx Wonder Stick has got both contouring and highlighting in a same stick. I recommend to use this Wonder stick if you are new to contouring and highlighting as the pack itself gives you the description as to where you have to contour and where you have to highlight. It’s available in 4 shades, choose this according to your skin tone. The price is also reasonable and hence it is considered the best buy. This adds depth and definition to facial features.

8. Nyx HD Eyeshadow Base

is nyx makeup good

Nyx HD Eyeshadow Base acts as a primer to your eye makeup. It cancels out creases around your eye and gives you an instant fresh look and even ensures that your eyeshadow will last all day long and making it look more vibrant. As the name suggests, it gives you a picture perfect look .This base or primer is affordable and does almost the same work as expensive eyeshadow base.

9. Nyx Studio Perfect Primer

Does NYX have good makeup

If you wish to have a flawless make up then don’t forget the first step of applying Nyx Studio Perfect Primer on your face and as it claims it provides a smooth and matte finish and absorbs all your makeup so evenly. It indeed spreads like butter, you can feel the difference in your makeup once you use this. And this comes in 3 shades Clear, Green and Lavender.

10. Nyx Wonder Pencil

best nyx products 2022

This eyeliner like pencil is a concealer stick for your eyebrow, eyeline, lipline or to conceal a small part of your face. There are 3 shades available and it does wonder to your small blemishes and corrects the imperfections. Just apply this wonder pencil and blend it with your finger or brush and yeah you will be all set with a flawless makeup. This is the must have pencil in your makeup kit.

Final Thoughts on the Top Products From Nyx Cosmetics

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Nyx cosmetics is one my favorite makeup brands. I think they are one of the few brands that give you high end quality at almost drugstore makeup prices.

Also you can find that a lot of NYX products can serve as dupes for other high end makeup brands.

But whatever makeup you buy make sure you’re using a good makeup remover to remove it’s traces from skin to keep it healthy.

I’d recommend using the double cleansing method of using an oil and then later a water-based cleanser to remove makeup.

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