Want to know what are the best sunglasses for round face women? Check out this article to know which shades for round, chubby face to buy and if cat eye sunglasses make the cut!

Wearing sunglasses is a basic necessity and buying the perfect sunglasses according to your face type is a great task.

Sometimes you don’t really bother to consider that and buy the sunglasses only by its look. There are many things that you must consider before buying the sunglasses.

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One of the most important thing in such a case is considering your face shape.

In this article, WomensOk will review the sunglasses for round face women so you can pick the right one for you.

There are many kinds of sunglasses that looks really well in all the face cuts but sometimes they also look odd and make your face and the entire styling changes and makes you look really odd and off beat.

There are sunglasses for every face type. There are many brands that manufacture sunglasses and these sunglasses are classy and look the best when worn out.

what glasses look best for round face

Best Sunglasses For Round Face Women

1. Wayfarers

sunglasses for fat face female
Source: Instagram@gitanjaleeganage

The wayfarers look really nice on every kind of space and if you have the round face then you should not really worry about it.

sunglasses for round face shapes
Source: Instagram@greyjack_eyewear

The sunglasses suit the round face perfectly and also the best thing about them is that are unisex, so you can never find trouble finding them.


2. Cat Eye Sunglasses

cat eye sunglasses for round face
Source: Instagram@the_pinup_pugmother

This is another kind of interesting sunglasses that the women with round face can easily wear.

They give you the broad look and it defines the face perfectly. It also edges out the features making your face look slimmer and not round.

3. Square Shaped Sunglasses

sunglasses for small round face female
Source: Instagram@vanessaevelynh

The square shaped glasses looks really hot when anyone wears it. The women with the round face can wear it easily without even thinking twice.

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They define the face properly and makes your face looks really hot and sexy.

glasses for girls with round face shapes
Source: Instagram@roceyewear

4. The Aviators For Round Face

aviators for round face
Source: Instagram@thesunglassreef

The aviators look extremely hot on anyone and if you have a round face then you are bang on.

The Aviators can never look bad on those who have a round face.

There are various differently colored aviators you can find in the market but Ray Bans Aviators are unbeatable.

5. Rectangular Sunglasses

rectangular sunglasses for chubby face
Source: Instagram@prismopticsco

The rectangular sunglasses look really cool and stylish on those who have a round face.

These can be found in any brand and at any shop and they can never look bad. The rectangular glasses come in various colors and they all look really cool and sexy without a doubt.

6. Circular Shades For Round Face

what is the best shape sunglasses for a round face
Source: Instagram@erred_brand

This is another kind of sunglasses that you can wear if you have a round face.

These circular sunglasses look really cool and sexy and it doesn’t enhance the roundness of your face.

You can buy these round glasses from any store you want, as they are easily available.

7. Retro Style Sunglasses For Round Face Girls

Sunglasses for round face and flat nose
Source: Instagram@hallwaysrunways

The retro sunglasses look really cool and sexy. Those with the round face can simply wear any retro sunglass and it will not look bad on their face.

These sunglasses are classy and define the personality as well. If you love to look different and want to experiment with the glasses then retro glasses is a great option for you.

8. Big Round Sunglasses

best sunglasses for a round face female
Source: Instagram@addedsparkles

The big round sunglasses look really cool and hot. If you have a round face and you are bored of wearing the same kind of glasses all the time, then wear the big round framed sunglasses.

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It looks edgy and will also make your face look a little ovular than round. It looks really classy as well and is perfect for brunches.

9. Santorini Sunglasses For Fat Faces

Santorini Sunglasses For Fat Faces
Source: Instagram@santorinisunglasses

The Santorin sunglasses are a little tom boyish and these are borrowed from the men.

The glasses look really hot and sexy and you can wear them with anything without thinking twice. It fits the round face perfectly.

These comes in various sizes and colors. Choose the one that choose your face the best.

10. Tortoise Frame

what glasses look best for round face
Source: Instagram@sydney_slick

This is another kind of frames, which are mostly square in shape.

These glasses are very hot and those with round face can totally wear them without a doubt.

The brown frames look really classy and you can find them in any sunglasses hut.

How To Select Sunglasses For Round Chubby Face Shapes

The best way to select sunglasses for round chubby face shapes is to consider your face shape, eye color, and preferences. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. First, take into consideration your face shape. There are three main types of faces: elongated, round, and oblong. If you fall into the elongated face shape category, opt for sunglasses with a medium or large frame. For round faces, choose sunglasses with a smaller frame. Oblong faces should go for sunglasses with a wider frame.
  2. Second, consider your eye color. Eyes that are light brown or hazel tend to work best with darker lenses. Eyes that are green or blue usually look best in light lenses.
  3. Finally, take into account your preferences. Some people prefer wraparound styles while others prefer sunglasses that sit on top of their eyes like a cap. It’s important to find sunglasses that will fit your lifestyle and personality perfectly!

Do aviators look good on round faces?

Yes, aviators are a classic and suit every face type and round face or chubbier faces are no exceptions. I do suggest going for aviators that are on the darker shade as dark colors have a slimming effect. Also, selecting more angular frame shapes can help draw attention away from the “roundness” of your face, making your face look more angular and oval in shape.

What sunglasses suit a fat face?

As a rule of thumb always go for sunglasses whose frames are wider than your face if you have a chubby face. This will help make your face appear longer and thinner, giving an illusion of slimness. So rectangular frames and square frames that are on the wider side are the best fits for a fat face. To sum it up wayfarers and aviators with angular frames are best sunglasses for fat faces.

Final Thoughts on Sunglasses For Round Face Female

The women with round faces should wear a different kind of sunglasses as compared to the women with square or oval face as they will define the look and will make your face look slimmer than usual.

The wrong choice of sunglasses might make your round face look more round and fat in some cases. And you don’t want to that.

Therefore it is very important to make sure that the sunglasses you select are meant for your face and that it enhances your face rather than making it look bad.

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