10 Box Braids Hairstyles For Black Women

Box braids hairstyles are popular hairstyle and belongs to African American styling choices. This is the best choice for women who are tired with making of hairstyles every day. The point here is not being tired with the hairstyles, but about the flexibility and beauty of hair designs. The straightened hair style makes your look amazing, or if you make the hair style curvy or coiled. The hairstyle makes you to feel look real and stylish at times. For black women long box braids hairstyles improves their look and beauty. When you are a kid, remember how your mom plaited braids by using some extensions. This enabled the hair from getting damaged from pollution. Now, as a grown up ladies you like to sport box braids.

Here Is The List Of 10 Box Braids Hairstyles For Black Women:

1. Box Braids Bun Hairstyles

You will be tired in treating your long and beautiful hair. Also, the loose hair makes you tired. You won’t get upset with unplaiting the braids. The box braids bun hairstyles are famous with black ladies. If you sport a small box braids, then the bun will be accurate and neat. The big box braids along with kinky extensions will have big buns that will be quite impressive to view.

2. Loose Long Box Braids

This style is unique and popular hairstyle that makes you to feel of having a long and beautiful hair. Starts make your hair braid by using polished and elegant extensions. Make sure the tresses are free and loose. When you sport the hairstyle, beauty will be enhanced.

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3. Updo Hairstyles With Box Braids

Once your hair is made into braids, you can show your skills in many different styles. Updos is one such nice model of box braids. You can make any hairstyle from simple ponytails to complex designs. All designs look attractive and pretty and it also emphasizes the real beauty of black women.

4. Box Braids Along With French Braids

This is the style that catches everyone’s attention. The hairstyle is the classy braids which are made with box braids. This blend of styles cut across cultures, and inspires many to go for the style, thus making the style an attractive one. This is the mix of inborn African American and European hair designs. Nice to have this.

5. Elegant And Regal Braids

The hairstyle of box braids list is long and endless. The twisted bun lets you to make full use of the striking volume offered by the bigger braids. When you master the art, you will be welcomed with a royal welcome.

6. Long Tiny Box Braids

The long tiny box braids looks very cute indeed. With its beautiful layered length, you will see a part of your good-looking hair on one side, the other side showing beautiful cheek bones.

7. Long And Luscious Braids

It will be interesting to learn how to make funky hairstyles with box braids. It looks awesome when you sport the hair design and don’t have to do any special to the hair except for moisture spray of water based. Add gold beads to enhance the beauty.

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8 .Chic-Fully Side Twists Braided Mohawk

This hairstyle looks elegant and sexy to watch. This hairstyle makes your hair an ombre colored or a little bronze color on top when the flavor is added. You may have seen this side twists braided Mohawk hairstyle before, but never seen strands of hair in different colors on head. This hair design can be tried on short, medium or long hair. To enhance the look sport long earrings, a stylish dress with medium high heels that makes you to feel on top of the world.

9. Flowing Braids With Black Curls

This hairstyle makes you to feel whether you are wearing your braids or your braids wearing you? These flowing braids with black curls make the two. In this case she is wearing braids because so looks beautiful and the braids wearing her, since they enhance her look further. The black braids expose her left ear with a diamond studded earring.

10. Braided Mohawk With Undercut

If you have a long and slim facial look, this braided Mohawk undercut hairstyle is sure to attract you. In this hair design tell your stylist to undercut the hair close to the skin. You can design the hairstyle with your hair or with the application of some hair extensions.

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