10 Braided Ponytails Every Cool Girl Will Be Wearing This Summer

Summers are on and we all want to keep our hair tied yet look stunning. If you looking at elevating your look to the next level of gorgeousness then twisting braid into a ponytail is a picture perfect idea. Whether you want simple or extravagant there is no limit to creativity that you can achieve in braided ponytails. You can make crown braids; teased ponytail or simply weave a small braid around the hair band. These braids can be made thin, thick, loose or tight as per your hair texture and comfort zone. Some of them are fancy and ideal for parties others are simple looking can be made effortlessly and comfortable to wear at colleague or work place.

Here We Bring You 10 Cool Braided Ponytails You Can Wear This Summer:

1. Loose Braid With Curled Ponytail:

This is among the prettiest braided ponytails. This hair style starts with a loose braid at the top, a bit off to the side, and extended at the end of the hair. Finally, the braid and the rest of the hair are gathered up into a ponytail. If you want to give a finishing touch just adds a couple of strands wrapped around the band and you are done. This is a stunning braided ponytail.

2. Side And Top (Two Braids) Braids With Ponytail:

This is one of the aptest hair do with a lot of attitude in it looks very stylish and it can go s go from casual to glamorous, be it a party night or just a casual working day it will just make you look strikingly different.

3. Side Braid With Ponytail And Long Bangs:

This style is just the thing for a formal event or office goers. It has elements of little romance and lots of elegance. It is one of the most feminist braided hair styles.

4. Messy Ponytail With Braid Tied And Wrapped Around Hair:

Perfect hair style for gorgeous long, thick and meaty hair. It adds a lot of drama in your look and makes you stunning in any special occasion. It is among the most unexpected hair do with a lot of drama in it.

5. Crown Braid With Curly Ponytail:

This is a look for special evenings and definitely precious as it is not at all easy to master but it will really set the tone for any significant event you want to mark. Extraordinary, Fabulous, and unique a picture perfect hairdo for an amazing evening where you want all the eyes to just look at you.

6. Small Side Braid with Ponytails:

This looks very easy to make, which makes it perfect for daily summer wear hair do. You can wear it to a formal event when you are with friends spending a casual evening. Whenever you are lazy to do anything special with your hair yet look special than just make this one it is laid back cool hair style.

7. Side Braid With Ponytail For Short Hair:

Well if you think you can’t have perfect braided ponytail because you have short hair then you must try this hair and we can guarantee that you will certainly want to wear it more often as it looks tremendously spunky.

8. Center Braided Ponytail:

Are you looking for one chick hair style for your short hair then this centre braided short ponytail hairstyle is the right choice for you and it has all the elements that will make it your favorite hairdo. Just give it a try once it and you won’t repent!

9. Loose French Braid With A Ponytail:

If you want to add a little bit of drama and spice to your look then it is the one just for you. Just perfect for casual or formal events and can be made with a little bit of time and effort.

10. Low Ponytail With Fishtail Braid:

This style is the definition of fabulous; the braid of the hairstyle is really unique as it is inserted below the hair tie. Without the braid, it will just be any pony tail and you can save this beautiful hairstyle for special occasions. This hair style is meant for you if you have thick and dense hair.

All the ten hair styles are just gorgeous and will suit any kind of face structure. Adding some color and highlights to your hair along with some cool highlights and then twisting your hair to braided ponytail will make you look strikingly different in these hot summers. Accessorize these hairstyle as per your like and attire. Just try them once to surprise yourself!