10 Cardio Exercises That Will Burn Calories Faster

Fat burning is very important to stay in shape. The best modes of losing weight are by hitting the gym but that too has its backdrops. Firstly, there may not be enough time for a woman to go to the gym due to her hectic lifestyle and moreover, even if she does, the regularity if broken may lead her to put on more weight than usual. Thus running is the best way to go about burning the calories but that may again be on an improbable side because that does require time and c’mon let’s face it, it can get boring. Thus there are other exercises that can come handy to a woman for burning more fat than running.

The Exercises Are Mentioned Below As The Following:

1. Cycling

Cycling needs the same amount of muscles as required while running. Moreover, it burns the same amount of fat per hour as compared to running. Cycling is one of the best ways to burn stubborn fat as it works out almost all the muscles around the body. Another good reason, cycling can give you the best views around the city.


2. Rowing

Rowing is a great exercise for the upper torso. It involves all the upper body muscles and it is quite tiring as compared to others, thus burning more calories than running at any time. This also has proven to be an effective exercise for women with back issues.


3. Swimming

Swimming is not only a fun activity but also one that can help you remove the extra flab around the body. It is often advised to many women because this can prove to be the exercise that is less risky but with the same results. This works the overall body and improves fitness thereby forming an athletic body.


4. Jumping Rope

This exercise requires skill which can be acquired with over the time. Continuously jumping works out the calve muscles along with the shoulders rigorously. This as compared to running burns about 1000 calories per hour, 400 more than running or cycling. But the precautions along with this exercise goes hand in hand as it should be done for shorter periods or else there might arise a possibility of an injury.


5. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is a newer ways by which fat can be burnt. As the name suggests, this includes aerobics at an intense level. For example, if a woman is cycling at a constant speed for about two mins, the body adapts to the same. But once the speed is increased for a period not lasting more than a minute, the body is setting new standards of using up the calories and thus this intensifies the overall workout. The same can be done by rowing, swimming or jumping.


6. Battle Ropes

clinging two ropes together and swinging them up and down can do a lot more than just running. If compare to running, this exercise burns upto 200 calories more than running in just one hour. This also is one of the intense workouts and can help you get fit and strengthen your muscles.


7. Burpess

One of the best exercises in the modern world, burpess have long been associated with cross-fit exercises. But if done to reduce the excess fat from the body, this can be done alone as well. A burpee burns up to 1.5 calorie for a person who is almost 180 pounds, thus making it one of the most effective exercise to reduce weight.


8. Kettle Bell Swing

Another one from the cross-fit family. Kettle bell swing is perfect for torching calories and to attain a lean figure. Since this is done in a squat figure, the whole body comes into action leaving no muscle unworked.


9. Dancing

Dancing is another fun activity that can help you lose weight. In the current world, dancing has been included in aerobics as well due to its impact on burning calories. We all may have come across trainers on the TV counting on each step and performing this activity. The steps if done correctly and furthermore, if combined with HIIT formula, this can help you lose calories considerably.


10. Boxing

Boxing takes your whole body in action and thus can come handy when dealing with issues of burning calories. The swift movements cause the body to react accordingly thus losing calories from all over the body and not just one area. The same can also be done through practicing karate or judo but boxing is far better than the others when it comes down to cutting calories.


Try the above mentioned exercises and see the difference in your life.