10 Classy Short Haircuts And Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Many women like to have thick hair and it is a gift of nature, only a handful of women. If are one such person with thick hair, you will never encounter the issue the lack of volume in hairstyles or hobble hair. If you have thick hair, then it is difficult to get a certain hairstyle. There are a few hairstyles that are sure to change your view with regard to changes of look that you choose. Thick hair takes lot of time to make, particularly if you are going for curling style. But, if you decide to go for straight hairstyle, then it is easy to make without having any trouble.

Here is the list of 10 classy short haircuts and hairstyles that will catch your attention. Take a look of all the hairstyles before choosing a one, a decision that you won’t regret later. The classy hairstyles going to surprise the people, the classy short haircuts is chance to learn about the new hairstyle and to surprise the people who have always looked at you for sporting a one hairstyle. You can use the 10 haircuts for seven days in a short time. If you don’t want to spend time to pick a new style, pick a one that you like most, and try it the next day.

Here Are The 10 Classy Short Haircuts And Hairstyles For Thick Hair:

1. Straight Messy Bob

Give the hair and try a classy bob with a teasing for the roots to elevate hair on the crown and to bestow it with a sporty look. Remove bangs close to your forehead and make a blurry side parting. Unlike previous hairstyle this time give the edge a neat look and accurate for a difference.

Straight messy bob

2. Classic Bob

Classic bob hairstyle is in use for 100 years and remains the first love for many women. It gives your thick hair a classy look if your hairstylist opts for the practice of inverse layering. It involves removal of hair close to your skin. The practice softens the thickness of your locks on both sides and rounds the edges. The classic bob is a comfortable haircut for daily life.

Classic bob

3. Curly Hair

Curly hair gives many troubles at times when you decide to go for a new hairstyle. To make the style stylists points out the problem of layering and any alteration between lengths, that is not clear on such thick hair structure. Instead, they suggest cutting of hair without any stylish practices. Now, the curly hair style looks simple, neat and natural.

Curly hair

4. Textured And Tousled

This hairstyle look is easy and cute and a perfect style for a fancy night out or a casual day.
Start with dry hair and your bangs styled as per your choice. By using a 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron work on big sections and curl your hair. At the end of curling, use your fingers to disconnect the curls and make the hair look messy. Now, spray texture spray on your hair and use the fingers again to disconnect the curls for a spicier look.

Textured and tousled

5. Au Naturel

This will work for you if you have a curly, short, and thick hair. This style going fully natural is a good selection. Start with a damp hair and apply a curl cream with oil. Finally, use a diffuser to dry your curls. This style is ideal if you have oval shaped face.

Au naturel

6. Editorial

This style is a funny way to alter your short hair into something newish and edgy. The straight across bangs edge make give your face a new and nice appearance. Start with dry hair and make your bangs styled as per your choice. Now, use a small curling iron to curl the ends of your hair. After that, use a backcombing brush to backcomb your ends of hair to form a fuller look. Now, use a hairspray to spray your hair.


7. Topknot

It is a perfect mix of complexity and modern. To get this style work with your hair while it is somewhat damp. In the end, use a dollop of mousse before going for topknot style.


8. Braided

Now, you can braid your short and sleek hair. Braid your bangs carefully. Use a hairspray before and after braiding and on completion use a discreet hairpin to secure the braid.


9. Slicked Back Pony

To make this hairstyle, first, blow and dry your hair. Then, rub a mousse on your hair to get the sliced back pony and secure it with hair elastic.

Slicked back pony

10. Sleek High Bun

If you are looking for grace, then this sleek high bun is a right choice. This classic and trendy hairstyle is a perfect one for fancier occasions.

Sleek high bun