10 Creative Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Emo hairstyles can be creative, colourful and stylish. This hairstyle is not means simple haircut with black or blonde colour. Emo hairstyle is something more, something colourful, unnatural styling without following traditional hairstyling. It is a hue of creative styling with waves, buns, braids, straightening and messy hairdo. This hairstyle is colourful with gorgeous and bright colours like yellow, teal, green, blue and dark pink. Here we are going to introduce some creative emo hairstyle that will envy by others.

Have A Look:

1. Bright Bang With Short Emo

In this hairstyle bang is important. Make a short emo with a weighty bang. Highlight your bang with bright red and black. The black and burgundy or brownish highlight will create an mischievous look. You can wear a black lipstick to complete this look. In fact, the hairstyle will be really great with dark to fair complexion. So, you can choose it confidently.


2. Gorgeous Light Pink Waves

The effect of hot dark pink to light pink makes this hairstyle pretty and cute. The ombre effect will be nice on short for long hair. You don’t need to use heat for making curls. You can make this loose curl only with tying your hair. The hairstyle looks great inside parted. You can use any colour to make your desire waves.


3. Green Pigtail Braids

You can colour your hair with green and teal colour. Then you can think about hairstyling. Well, make your hair side parted and make two loose messy side braids. Back brush your hair in front and give it a look of school girl. If you like to adopt a innocent school going girl look then this is the ideal hairstyle for you.


4. Hair Buns In Pink

This is one of the cutest hairstyle in emo. To achieve this look you need a straightener and some bobby pins. If you have layers, then leave some in front of the head and make two buns tightly with Bobby pins and tie with these bands. Loose them and make them messy with fingers. Brush your layers to frame your face. We can assure you that this hairstyle will express your naughtiness.


5. Waves In Apple Green

If you have a medium length hair with scene haircut then you can easily do this hairstyle. Colour your hair from dark green to light and create some waves on it. Leave your hair to frame your face. Your heavy side part will be great if you can blow dry it. The green waves will create an gorgeous look. You can take maximum front hair towards your one side to give it a thick look.


6. Bright Emo Hairstyle

Colour your hair with bright pink and blue combination. Give a roller shape style to your long hair. This vibrant colour combination with long well styled hair will successfully create an unexpected impression. It looks like it is coloured with UV light. The hairstyle is definitely very precious and lovely and perfect for any occasion.


7. Messy Short Emo Hair

You can apply a loud pink colour on your short fringe works and bob shaggy hair. This hairstyle will show your hair thick and cute. The fringe cut will make your impression, bold and pretty. The hair length is up to the chic. The haircut makes a weight on the upper portion of the head. It is a great emo hairstyle which is really popular among pretty girls.


8. Braids With Pigtail Buns

This kind of hairstyle needs bright gorgeous colours with extraordinary styling. Well, we can suggest you to choose a bright yellow for the dashy pushy hairstyle. Create a messy but wavy different hairstyling effect like, buns, braids and waves. This hairstyle is really creating an unexpected impression.


9. White Long Emo

Create a dark and light image through your new style. If you like to wear dark like black and blue then black or brown hair will not fit in. You need to style up your hair with white. Make some waves on the hair and leave it messy. This hair style gives you an individuality and unnatural pretty look. You can try this unique emo hairstyle.


10. Flat Side Swept Bang With Simple Braids

When you are looking for a stunning Emo hairstyle, you can opt for braids instead of straightening. You can make two thin long braids and tie band in the ends. Now leave your rest of the hair to frame your face. This hair should be straight and asymmetrical. This hairstyle will definitely cut down your boredom of same old hairstyle.