10 Dresses That Will Hide Your Waist Trainer

Waist trainers? In case you are a fan of Kim Kardashian, yes the lady whose family and her are always in constant headlines, you must be aware of this terminology which has taken the fashion world by storm in the recent past. Well, in case you are unaware of the entire craze we are talking about in here, you must first know and understand what waist trainers are all about. The waist trainers are nothing but a process where a steel bonded corset I worn by women to get into a temporary or may we say a semi-permanent slimmer waistline or a hourglass figure to say the least.

As spoken of before, many celebs have come to the fore from the likes of Amber Rose to Kim Kardashian who has said that their hourglass bods are a result of these amazing corsets or waist trainers without having to hit the gym as such! Some of the best dresses which will hide the waist trainers and give you the right waist line are discussed as below.

Here Are The 10 Dresses That Will Hide Your Waist Trainer:

1. Dress By Diane Von Furstenberg

This lovely blue dress is a product of the Diane Von Furstenberg house where the ensemble is made up of jersey material and is equally stretch worthy. Nice to wear and gives the wearer the perfect look, it is priced at a whooping sum of 202 US dollars! Buy it if you want.

Dress by Diane Von Furstenberg

2. Dress By Iris And Ink Ivanna Ponte

Another lovely dress from the house of Iris and Ink Ponte, this one is a longer version for the ones who are in love with long dress versions. Looks great in every way, this one can also hide the waist trainer well and is priced at a range of 150 US dollars.

Dress by Iris and Ink Ivanna Ponte

3. Dress By 3.1 Philip Lim

Well, this is one a good costlier side but the ensemble is a combination of a shirt and a silk skirt put together in a dress format. From the house of 3.1 Philip Lim, this lovely dress which hides it all comes at a real high price tag of 929 US dollars and thus think before you take the plunge!

Dress by 3.1 Philip Lim

4. Dress By Tibi

A rather great looking and simple long dress from the house of Tibi, you may feel that there is not too much in here to talk about, you would need to stop for a minute and hear this out. You would have fairly no idea that this simple looking dress is as featherweight as you can think of and is made of suede which will keep one comfortable and sexy as ever. Priced so and thus at 1395 US dollars and we cannot really complain!

Dress by Tibi

5. Dress From Zara

Zara never fails to impress and thus this one in a short animal print sets another standard where it hides your waist trainer and also is useful with pockets on it. Minimal pricing of 36 US dollars serves the minimal purpose. Ah ha!

Dress from Zara

6. Dress By Dodo Bar Or

Ever fallen in love with drape dresses which look elegant and chic all at the same time? If not, check this lovely dress from the house of Dodo Bar Or in black and white which is long and can hide your waist trainers to the best extent. Priced at 360 US dollars, it must be worth the buy.

Dress by Dodo Bar Or

7. Dress By H & M

H & M never fails to impress and when they have come up with a waist trainer hiding ensemble, how can you possibly go wrong with it? Coming in knit and jacquard fabric, this black and white short dress will turn heads on you in a good way. Pocket pinch is not much at 99 US dollars.

Dress by H & M

8. Dress By I Love Mr Mittens

A lovely knitted, sleeveless knit rib dress this one, price tagged at 385 US dollars, this white ensemble is sure to keep your sexiness alive and show off that hourglass figure to the world.

Dress by I Love Mr Mittens

9. Dress By Matches Fashion

An off shoulder dress which hides your waist trainer, ah so good, isn’t it? This is much that and many more where it is perfectly striped and off shoulder giving you a leaner and a perfect figure look and feel in no time. Pocket pinch is a bit high end though, at 511 US dollars!

Dress by Matches Fashion

10. Dress By Topshop

Blazer dresses can never deceive and this is just that where the dress from Topshop priced at 110 US dollars is a must try in the segment of waist trainer hiders. Nice must say!

Dress by Topshop

While these waist trainers are a pain initially for beginners and one needs to be careful as to which one to go for at the first, wearing them and then wearing dresses that they always wanted to seems tough. Thus, here we are, taking about the dresses that would hide the waist trainers for good and give you that shape anyone would fall for else envy for sure.