10 Effective Deep Cleansing Masks For Different Skin Types

When it comes to deep cleansing, most women think that just their face washes are enough but that is really not true. More than often, you need masks that penetrate through the layers of your pores and extract the hidden impurities from there. Doing so helps in giving you a health boost and also replenishes the layers of your skin.

Here Are 10 Deep Cleansing Masks For All Skin Types:

1. Oatmeal, Almond And Cream For Dry Skin

This is a deep cleansing mask that is ideal for dry skin types. For making this mask, you need about 3-4 spoons of powdered oatmeal which should be combine with some fresh milk or cream till it is a thick and pasty consistency. To this ad 2 spoons of roughly powdered almonds. Now apply this mask on the face and let it dry. Now use a little milk in your hands and massage gently to scrape off the mask. When doing so you are also exfoliating and getting rid of dirt while moisturising your skin.

Oatmeal, Almond And Cream For Dry Skin

2. Tea Tree Oil And Indian Lilac For Acne Prone Skin

Those with acne tend to suffer from a lot of issues in relation with open pores. For making this mask you just have to puree some Indian Lilac leaves and a few drops of tea tree oil to this. Remember that you should use the Indian Lilac that is a little bitter in taste, but it definitely is a boon for pimples. Once dry, you can wash this off with some water to get healthy and clean skin.

Tea Tree Oil And Indian Lilac For Acne Prone Skin

3. Citrus Peel Off Mask For Normal Skin

For this citrus peel off mask, you can use the fruit juice of any citrus fruit like oranges or sweet limes. You will need about 3/4th cup of the fresh juice. To this add about 1 spoon of gelatine and then heat this highly and keep stirring this gelatine melts completely. Now use this mask on the face and let it dry. The vitamins help in replenishing your skin while the acidity penetrates through the layers to give you healthy and glowing skin, which is deep cleansed.

Citrus Peel Off Mask For Normal Skin

4. Olive Oil, Lime And Brown Sugar Scrub Mask

This is a real boon for people with oily skin because it helps in penetrating though the deeper layer of the skin for deeper cleansing and also helps to exfoliate gently. This works best for both oily and dry skin. Only with dry skin, you should use honey instead of the sugar for moisture. Mix together 1 spoon of each and the scrub the face gently. Let it stay for about 20 minutes before washing it off.

Olive Oil, Lime And Brown Sugar Scrub Mask

5. Rose Water And Sandalwood Mask For Sensitive Skin

Sandalwood and rose water are both known as agents that sooth the skin. For making this mask, you have to mix together 2 spoons of sandalwood with some rose water to form a thick and smooth paste. Sandalwood helps in going deep into the skin layers and gets out dirt and impurities while rose water tones. Wash off when dry.

Rose Water and Sandalwood Mask for Sensitive Skin

6. Gram Flour And Yogurt Mask With Mustard Oil

For this deep cleansing mask, mix together gram flour and yogurt or even milk to form a thick paste. Then allow it to dry out completely. Once dry, use a little mustard oil to scrape through these dry layers. As you are scarping and gently scrubbing, the dirt and impurities from the deepest layers come out.

Gram Flour and Yogurt Mask With Mustard Oil

7. Fullers Earth Mask

For the fullers earth mask, you need about 2 spoons of fullers earth along with 1 spoon of rose water, some sandalwood powder and a pinch of saffron. Mix all of the ingredients together. Fullers earth works in combination with the other ingredients to not only deep cleanse but also tighten your skin. Gently scrub when taking off the same.

Fullers Earth Mask

8. Berries Fruit Mask

A quick and easy solution for deep cleansing for all skin types. Puree whatever berries you have at home. Then let it dry out completely. Now gently scrub them all over the face and wash off. Not only will yo get rid of blackheads but also impurities from the skin.

Berries Fruit Mask

9. Sea Weed And Salt Mask

Just take some sea weed and puree it. To this add a spoon of coarse rock salt, which is a deep cleansing agent. Let the mask dry completely. To this, you can add a few drops of oil if you have very dry skin. Finally, scrub the mask gently so that the coarse helps in getting rid of the deeper layers of the skin cells.

Sea Weed and Salt Mask

10. Apricot, Lemon Juice And Almond Oil Mask

Take a ripe or even dried apricot and puree it roughly. To this add a few drops of almond oil and lemon juice as it helps in deep cleansing and also provides nourishment. Now let the mask dry out for about 10 minutes. Again, scrub off the mask when taking off using water for deep and complete cleansing.

Apricot, Lemon Juice And Almond Oil Mask