12 Essential Juices For Women To Retain Your Beauty And Youth

As every body is in a very hectic and fast life schedule, they do not have so much of time to do for their health. At the same time they consume junk or fast foods as they are in a hurry all the time. As a result of this unhealthy lifestyle you may noticed that your skin and hair is getting damaged day by day. Moreover this wrong eating habit results in obesity and especially results in skin rashes or infection like pimples etc. Do you know that juices can do a magic to your health and beauty? Actually it does so. There are so many natural juices available around you which are really beneficial for the women. It helps you to remain beautiful, while giving you beautiful skin and hair.

Below Are The 10 Essential Juices For Women To Retain Your Beauty And Youth:

1. Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice is another great vegetable juice which keeps you beautiful if it is consumed regularly. Tomato juice is enriched with an excellent nutrient called Lycopene, which is responsible for rosy glow on your skin. So, if you want a naturally glowing skin for your entire life includes tomato juice in your daily diet.

Tomato Juice

2. Spinach Juice

Spinach Juice is full with vitamin A, B and also vitamin C, all of which are important for a healthy skin. It actually keeps away all kinds of dermatitis if consumed regularly. Vitamin A is also important for a good vision and thus you must consume spinach juice daily.

Spinach Juice

3. Indian GooseBerry Juice

Indian GooseBerry juice is a little bit sour in taste but has enormous goodness in it. Indian GooseBerry is mainly loaded with vitamin C which is an excellent nutrient for our body and also full with anti oxidant. All you know that anti oxidants prevents premature aging of our body.

Indian GooseBerry Juice

4. Radish Juice

Are you suffering from obesity? Now a day it is a very common problem as because of wrong eating habit. Regular consumption of Radish Juice helps you in cut down extra fat from your body. So if you are trying to lose your weight then radish juice must present in your daily diet.

Radish Juice

5. Turmeric Juice

Turmeric Juice is also very good for you as it contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties in it. Anti bacterial property of this juice keeps away the skin infections and provides you a flawless bright skin tone in a natural way. Regular intake of this juice is really beneficial for you. You can mix it in milk or in your spiced tea to consume it in an easy way.

Turmeric Juice

6. Carrot Juice

The most important nutrient present in Carrot is Beta Carotene which is responsible for its orange color. Beta carotene is responsible for good vision, healthy skin and a younger looking skin. Try it to consume every morning to stay beautiful for ever.

Carrot Juice

7. Aloe Vera Juice

Do you ever heard of Aloe Vera juice? It is really a miraculous juice. This juice aids in weight loss and also helps you in indigestion problem. So if you want to stay in a proper shape go for this juice. Aloe Vera is also very much beneficial for skin and hair.

Drink Aloe Vera Juice

8. Beet Root Juice

Trying to lose your weight? Doing a diet for months and there is no result? Then you must go for beet root juice. This tasty juice helps you to reduce your body weight in a natural way without dieting. Try to consume this juice daily to be slim and trim in a natural way.

Beet Root Juice

9. Basil Juice

Try to consume Basil Juice which actually contains anti bacterial properties in it which keeps you away from any kind of skin infections especially from acne and pimples. It actually cleans the impurities of your blood which results in a clear skin. Just mix it with 1-2 teaspoons of honey and warm water, then drink it.

Basil Juice

10. Orange Juice

Orange Juice contains lots of vitamin C and antioxidants in it. Antioxidants keeps your skin wrinkle free and prevents premature aging of skin. Vitamin C is also important for healthy skin and hair. It helps you to keep your skin glowing and wrinkle free all the time. So try to drink a glass of Orange Juice every day to have a beautiful glowing skin.

Orange Juice

11. Bitter Gourd Juice

If you are overweight and are trying for loosing your extra pounds then you must drink bitter gourd juice in every morning in empty stomach. It will help you to cut down the extra fat from your body and this fact is a proven fact. Now a day busy women do not have so much of time to exercise. So if you do not have so much of time to exercise to shed extra fat from your body keeps drinking bitter gourd juice everyday.

Bitter Gourd Juice

12. Water Melon Juice

After all the day’s work in office and working in kitchen you get actually tired. The tiredness happens because of sweating, as the pH balance of your body gets low. Water Melon juice is refreshing for you which actually steals your tiredness and replenishes the pH level of your blood. So that you can get refreshed and can also get rid from tiredness.

Water Melon Juice (2)