10 Essential Values Needed To Teach Children

We are all familiar with the phrase that charity begins at home. But I feel that along with charity, good moral values also begin from good parents. In today’s fast paced world, it may be difficult to teach a child about all the ethics needed in life because a child is exposed more to the elements of today’s modernized life style. This is where parents need to strike a balance for the child and teach them some basic rules of life right from small. Instilling the following values in every child is really necessary in life which will help them to grow up as good human beings.

Here Are The 10 Essential Values Needed To Teach Children:

1. Teach Obedience

Toddlers do not know the difference between right and wrong and are always breaking the rules needed for a good behavior. So, as parents, we need to teach them to be obedient to all and reward them too for being obedient.

2. Respect All Sections Of The Society

It is advisable to teach every child to respect their peers and elders as well. At times, when we see kids not paying due respect to their elders it really becomes disheartening and insulting too for the person receiving such behavior form a child. Parents should learn to respect their child in return to which children will then learn to respect all people they come across in daily life.

3. Prepare Children To Be Responsible

Giving simple chores of daily life to children like cleaning the table, keeping back their toys on its place, polishing their own shoes, arranging their time table and uniform for everyday school can teach children to be responsible from a very tender age.

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4. Educate Children To Be Polite

Teach children simple rules of daily life like saying a ‘thank you’ or a ‘please’ or ‘sorry’ when they have done something wrong. This will help them to be cautious about what they say even in public and will make them a responsible speaker. They will learn not to just keep blabbering but to learn politeness and gracefulness as well.

5. Teach Good Manners To The Child

Teaching good manners to a child starts from home and it is the sole duty of every parent to see that their child learns etiquettes needed for thriving in a society. Well mannered children grow up to be courteous people with a refined personality. Kids usually pick up a behavior that they see in others and that may be a wrong one too. So, be cautious in teaching your child the ways of being a cultured person by setting up proper examples for them.

6. Tutor Your Child To Be Humble

Right from childhood, if you teach your child to be modest and not be arrogant, they will catch up with this quality as well. A certain level of meekness must be present in every human being that can be instilled from a tender age.

7. Educate Children To Be Honest

We all know that honesty is the best policy. Help your child to be honest by teaching telling those stories on honesty. See that they also do not develop the habit of lying to you. If they ever, do not whack them or insult in public. Teach them the outcomes of lying and how it will make them a dishonest person if they continue doing so.

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8. Teach Your Child To Save Money

Wastage of anything is a very bad habit. Do not give your kids excess of anything that they stop valuing anything they have in life. Teach them to save their pocket money. Help them take up the right quantity of food which will not be wasted later. Instill in them the value of what they have and what other children are not blessed or lucky to have. Helping them to prevent the wastage of any resource will make them responsible kids right from childhood.

9. Tutor Your Child To Be Friendly

Friendliness is a quality that children have naturally in them except for some. Make your child mingle with everybody and not to discriminate between rich and poor. As they grow up, also teach them the outcome of talking to a stranger and this will slowly help them to discriminate between the quality of friends your child should mingle with.

10. Educate Your Child The Value Of Time

Set up a routine for your child and see that he or she follows it everyday. Time should be considered a precious thing for your child. Teach them not to laze around but to do their job at and within the set time frame. Teach them to be punctual in school and to have punctuality in their arrival or departure time at any place.

These are some of the basic values needed to teach children so that become responsible and good adults of the society as they grow up.

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