10 Fruit Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Your skin has to go through a harsh time during this time of the year with both monsoons and summers affecting your skin to a level. Your face skin can be subjected to various problems such as blackheads and blemishes and the worst of all the issues of combination skin which occurs once these small problems accumulate together.

In addition to these, the beauty products if applied can give you undesired results due to high chemical percentage present in it therefore not fulfilling your goal. Then there are natural ways to go about it which can be made easily and without spending a lot from your pocket. Some of the ways by which you can attain fair and glowing skin through peel off face masks are as follows.

Below Are The 10 Fruit Face Masks For Glowing Skin:

1. Orange Peel With Sandalwood Mask

Peel off the orange and allow it to dry for 2-3 days and in the meanwhile prepare a mixture of sandalwood powder with rose water. This provides the much needed vitamin-c to the skin and helps brightening the texture to a level. Furthermore, this mixture can be kept in an air tight container and can be used later.

2. Flour And Orange Peel

Add the peels of an orange with some rose water and mix it well. Once the solution becomes hard, add some flour to it for better results. Apply the same on your face for about 20 minutes to see the fair and glowing skin on your face thereby removing the dark spots and blemishes.

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3. Orange Peel And Honey

Honey is known for its anti-septic properties and thus it can come handy while removing acne on your face. Add the dried peels to honey (less in quantity) and mix well before it become semi-liquid which can be applied on your face as a peel off mask. Be assured of getting all the acne removed within days giving you fairer and smoother skin.

4. Cucumber And Egg

Cucumber has cooling properties and that is something that out skin so desperately needs to remove the extra bit of oil shining on our face. Add some mashed cucumbers to egg whites and let it dry till it becomes hard enough to be applied on your face. Remove the mask within 20 minutes to see the better version of your face.

5. Strawberry And Yoghurt

The presence of strawberry and its goodness can come handy to remove the excess oil and dirt accumulated on your face. Crush 4-5 strawberries and mix them well with 2 tablespoons of yoghurt to attain a paste. This paste can be applied on your face and removed to give you clearer skin on your face.

6. Orange And Yoghurt

If we forgot to mention about Yoghurt, it has cooling properties and helps in removing dark spots and tightens the pores leading to acne. Orange has been the forerunner and if the peels are added with yoghurt and crushed well, this can become a handy face pack for ladies to gain smooth and fair skin. This also removes the extra oil from your face giving you a more natural look ahead.

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7. Orange And Sugar Mix

Sugar can be effective against dead skin on your face and helps in exfoliation. The presence of vitamin-c and hydroxyl acid can be a boon against combination skin, which makes your face looks dull; something that females hate. Mix well the orange peels and add sugar with rose water to get this face pack and let it dry on your face for not more than 15-20 minutes to see the desired results.

8. Banana, Honey And Lemon Juice

This can be applied as a face pack and a peel off as well. The banana peels are very good against oily skin and honey and lemon will provide the skin with much needed nutrients. Mix the 3 well and solid, the paste to be applied on your face and removed after a gap of 20 minutes to see glowing skin.

9. Banana, Milk And Oats Face Pack

This is very similar to the one described above. Gather all 3 and mix them well so get a paste which can be applied on your face to see the red skin disappear and dark spots removed after its regular usage.

10. Tomato Juice, Oatmeal And Yoghurt Face Mask

Talking about skin exfoliation and removing the dead cells from your face, this face peel off (if mixed thoroughly and well) can be useful against the same and give you fair and smooth skin after the peel off. Tomatoes have various nutrients which if provided to the face, the skin can become better to stalk at.

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