10 Glitter Nail Art Designs

Glitter nail arts look always stunning and gorgeous. The glittery nail arts are shiny, colorful and so charming. Especially if you are planning to visit and function or event during nights, the glittery nail arts look absolutely stunning. Gone are the days when ladies used to apply single colored nail paints with different colors. Today, there are numerous colors available with different styles. You can apply texture, geometric shapes, chevron, abstract, glittery etc kinds of nail arts and nail polish patterns. Try these amazing variations for nail arts this season. Here we present you some of the best glittery nail art designs which would make you fall in love with them and you would absolutely love the amazing shine and glossiness of these amazing nail arts.

Below Are The 10 Glitter Nail Art Designs:

1. Beautiful Glitter Copper Shade

This gorgeous glitter nail art style is so adorable and classy. The copper base with a mild glossy finish and the aqua with a high density glitter give such a marvelous look. The beautiful aqua glitter looks like pretty water droplets and makes the nail art look completely fresh and mystic. The amazing nail art design is such a charming and elegant design you must consider this season.

2. Sparkling Silver And Blue

Dark navy blue is the shade loved by every lady. This beautiful color enhances the look of the nails and makes the nails look more gorgeous and stunning. The glossy navy blue along with the prefect glittery silver is such an amazing combination to wear. This nail art design would completely get your nails look absolutely adorable and dazzling.

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3. Beautiful Blue And Green

The combination of blue and green shades looks miraculously goo. Especially when applied to the nails. This adorable peacock shade along with mild glitter looks super glamorous. The plain and glossy blue along with the shiny and glittery green shade are one of the best color combinations. Try this ultra stylish and glitter nail art to look fresh and different this season.

4. Glittering Galaxy

Galaxy nail colors, galaxy hair colors etc are so in trend now. The galaxy theme is so elegant and fresh, that people are falling in love with this amazing style. For nail arts too, this theme has become one of the favorites for the ladies. The beautiful dark base and the combination of multiple colors make the nails look wonderful. The beautiful golden and silver glitters match the beauty of the galaxy.

5. Gorgeous Blue And Golden

This combination of glitter nail polishes would make your nails look so adorable and classy. The pretty combination of glittery blue and golden shine looks absolutely perfect. If you have amazing golden or blue gown and are getting ready for an event or party, try this awesome nail art which would make you shine and glow.

6. Golden Glitter

If you do not want to experiment much with various colors and want to stick to a single and simple color, try this awesome golden glitter. This single color is enough to provide you all the shine and glossiness. You can use this amazing golden glitter with a nude or white base which would enhance the glory of this beautiful golden shade.

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7. Bridal Glitter Nail Art

This amazing bridal nails arts extremely gorgeous and stunning. The beautiful designs and patterns in different nails look completely gorgeous. The beautiful combinations of elegance and classy which are the pretty glorious silver preach, pink and golden colors are dazzling. The beautiful bow on the middle finger along with various nail arts designs on other nails look so adorable and charming.

8. Sea Style Nail Art

If you want to go to any beach party of want to just simply get the sea look, Along with the stunning beach accessories and attires, try this sparkling nail art idea. The glittery seas water color and the nail art patter would give you such an amazing feel and would complement your sea party idea.

9. Popcorn Theme Glitter Nail Art

If you have a crazy love for the popcorns and while moving out for a movie you want to express all your love with a glittering nail art ides, here is a beautiful glittery nail art pattern. The amazing red base with glittery twists and the beautiful popcorns on the white and red nails look absolutely stunning.

10. Elegant And Mild Rainbow Nail Art

This magical shade of silver is just so amazing. Do you love the beautiful rainbow effects on the cd’s and other items? The beautiful multicolor glow on the shiny silver is jaw dropping. This excellent nail shade with multiple colors look absolutely gorgeous.

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