Do you feel like your forehead looks too broad? Here are beautiful hairstyles to hide broad forehead. Check it out!

Today’s Era is an era of fashion and style. Every time new styles for hair clothing and make ups are being invented and used.

But with this comes few stereotype beliefs in which we all have got stuck with for example most of us believe fairer skin is better, or being slim is cool.

Similarly, we end up believing that having a big forehead is a problem though it is scientifically proven fact that big forehead means more intelligence than a normal person.

Astrology also says that people with big forehead are luckier than others. Henceforth having a big forehead should not trouble you.

But still, if you feel that having big forehead makes you less attractive and lowers down your confidence than others than you can opt for hairstyles that can hide your extra forehead as making yourself feel good, stylish and stand-out in the crowd is not at all a bad idea.

Having a big forehead brings in many pros one of which is that there are plenty of hairstyles you can choose from that others can’t.

Hairstyles meant for big forehead are smart and makes you look stunningly different and fashionable. These hairstyles not only create an illusion of small forehead but also help you in changing and playing around with your face cuts.

Like if you have too much of a round, long or square face that doesn’t suit your overall personality then these hairstyles designed for big forehead are meant for you, as they will create an illusion of what you want.

One thing that you must keep in mind while choosing hairstyles is that it should be comfortable and manageable. Most of us pick up the styles just because they look good but we forget about their daily maintenance hazards that waists hour time and energy on regular basis.

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Also, we should not pick up styles that create disturbance in our vision. So here are some interesting hairstyles that will make you feel good and attractive even with your big forehead.

Hairstyles To Hide Broad Forehead

Side Fringes For Big Forehead

Fringes lets you create a stylish look, hiding your forehead and without losing your hair length. Side fringes means you let your hair fall on the face by framing it in a way that your extra forehead is hidden.

Hairstyles To Hide Broad Forehead

Fringes correct our face cut and adds on in our personality. There are multiple ways of doing side fringes. Side swept fringes are one of the most common and obvious choices that cover the most part of your forehead.

You can do side parting of either side for these fringes that suit you best and makes you feel comfortable.

Half Up Hair Do With Side Bangs

If you have a big forehead then all kinds of bangs are your best buddies. As they draw away the attension from your forehead.

Half Up Hair Do With Side Bangs

Combination of bangs with half up hair do’ s like lose buns or pony can makes you look glamorous. You can look at some famous Hollywood stars who make such hairstyles like Angelina Jolie.

Medium Or Long Layers With Highlights

Medium Or Long Layers With Highlights

You can ask your hairstylist for a side parting with a curtain of hair falling across your forehead, you can add-on the color highlights of your choice that will make you look strikingly different and it will also distract attention viewers from your large forehead.

Straight Bangs To Make Your Forehead Look Smaller

Bangs also suits your large forehead well. You can get straight bangs falling across the face, thick or thin as per the quality of your hair. You can keep them above the eyebrow or slightly below.

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Straight Bangs To Make Your Forehead Look Smaller

If you want to feel comfortable and don’t want a distraction in your view than above the eyebrow is best.

There are plenty of option in bangs that you can choose from like blunt bangs, choppy bangs, bangs with pixie cut, parted bangs, side swept bangs, ached bangs, and pin up bangs.

Straight Bangs To Make Your Forehead Look Smaller

You should opt one as per your personality, and the trend going on in your surroundings and pick the most unobvious one if you really like to standout.

Flicks For Large Forehead

Flicks on the forehead can make it look smaller and give you a better style statement.

Flicks For Large Forehead

There are many options of flicks you can choose from as per your preference, face cut, and quality of hair.

You can try thick flick look and blow dry it, this will make your hair style interesting and different from others.

Bob Cut With Side Fringe

Short sleek bob with huge side fringe will make you look sexier and hide your forehead. You can add few streaks of color to you fringe this will add more character on your face.

This hairstyle will give you funky stylish and offbeat look. But remember if your hair folds or it is curly then it becomes difficult to maintain this style.

Soft Waves For The Broad Head

This hairstyle goes best with your large forehead and if you have long thick hair it is a plus side for you. The combination of soft waves with nice earrings will make you look elegant, beautiful and a few years younger.

There are many soft waves hair styles like beachy waves, lose waves, messy ways, tousled waves, wavy ends, crimps combination of bangs and waves, side swept waves, half up half down waves classic waves, bobbed waves and waves with straight end.

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All these wavy hairstyles go well with large forehead and make you look great.

Updo For Large Forehead

Few strands falling on face whether straight or curl with a loose bun on behind will cover your face with elegance and grace.

This will also add sharp cuts to chin if you let the hair fall on the side. This is one of the famous holy-wood styles done by some top notch actress.

Messy Fringes For Large Foreheads

if you have short hair till the neckline then you can keep messy fringes on your face to cover the large forehead and at the back, your hair should be perfectly blow-dried with out-curls.

This will make your hair look bouncy and draw away attention from your large forehead.

Feather Curls For Hiding Your Large Forehead

Those who have large forehead but short and curly hair are blessed as there are a variety of hairstyles you can try with such combination and it will suit you make you look different and classy.

These feather curls will suit you best if you have a long face and you want to create an illusion to make it look long instead.

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