10 Incredible Ideas To Dressed Up For Retro Party

Throwback Thursdays are fun. And even more fun are retro parties where you can blast into the past with amazing costumes and that retro feel. Retro parties are becoming more and more popular by the day. And there are many unique ideas to innovatively dress up for a retro party. Whether it is the decade of 60s which embodied classic style to the 70s with their over the top dressing style and the 80s with their hippie and funky style, the past has an answer to your every style craving. The wonderful thing is that vintage is still a huge trend. It has not disappeared with time, in fact, only grown more creative with time.

Let’s Look At Some Incredible Ideas To Dress Up For A Retro Party:

1. A Stylish Bouffant Over The Head

Believe it or not, bouffants are still in style. If there is one trend that has stood the test of time it is this particular hair style. It was first invented during the 18th century. Most likely for Mari Antoinette as she had relatively less hair on her head. And as the years went by it became more and more famous with everybody emulating this style.

A stylish bouffant over the head

2. Bell Bottom Pants

We all remember when these were in fashion. Jeans have made an amazing journey from the all loose bell bottoms to skinny tights of today. Even trousers were worn in the bell bottom style back in the 70s. There is hardly anyone on the planet who has lived through the 70s and not worn bell bottom pants. If you are going to a retro party and want to wear something vintage but comfortable then bell bottom pants are the way to go.

Bell bottom pants

3. The Hippie Style

Hippies were the icons of the 70s and the 80s. Even today, when you think of those two decades, hippie style is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. The look is all about tying the right bandana over your head and carrying it with style. Wear clothing preferably with prints and hanging threads and you are all done.

The hippie style

4. The Disco Look

Those shiny outfits belonged in the 80s and bringing them back comes at its own risk. But they perfectly well in a retro party. So while you might not want to walk the streets with the over the top designs of the disco 80s, you can definitely wear them in a retro party.

The disco look

5. The Afro Hairdo

The 70s weren’t the time of hair straighteners and curlers. They were the time of embracing your natural look in the best way possible. Afro hair do was all the rage in the 70s and it spilled over to the 80s as well. Don an afro hairdo for the perfect retro style in your retro party.

The afro hairdo

6. Pantsuits With A Tip Top Look

Have you ever imagined what a bell bottom pant suit looks like? Well, there is no need for imagination. People wore it all the time in the 70s and we have tons of record of that. A hairstyle that is completely intact, not even single strand of hair flying away. And very subtle yet stylish makeup and you are all set to go.

Pantsuits with a tip top look

7. Chic Bohemian Style

A flowing maxi skirt with lots of flair, a head band, some glasses and your chic boho style is all ready. This was a very trendy style back in the day. And it looks completely classy even today. Go for this look if you want to be timeless yet vintage.

Chic bohemian style

8. Jumpsuit Blast From The Past

Jumpsuits were probably invented in the 70s. Comfy, stylish and vintage all rolled into one. Unlike today’s jumpsuits, these offered full body coverage so go for one that is of the same pattern neck to tow. Team it up with an afro hair do and you have the perfect retro costume for your party.

Jumpsuit blast from the past

9. The Punk Fashion

How can we forget the punk look? Crazy hair styles and even crazier outfits were all the rage in the punk days of our history. It also gave rise to hair color and unlike the present day trends, hair color came in really vibrant and bright shades. So experiment with your hair style and go punk.

The punk fashion

10. The Rock Chick Look

Even today you can pop stars and other style icons opting for the rock look. It is a perfect choice for a retro party, there is hardly anything more retro than a rocker in leather pants. If you want a prop, you can always use a guitar.

The rock chick look