10 Incredible Latest Bun Hairstyles For Women

Did you ever wake up late? And then realized that your hair have their own personality and are not ready to stay the way you want? Whether you are an office going girl or a college teen, you ought to check these easy and quick buns that help you get an ultimate look. You just need few hair pins, rubber bands and sometimes hairspray.

Here Are 10 Incredible Bun Hairstyles You Need To Try:

1. Low Messy Bun With A Dutch Braid

To get this look, you just need to spend 6 minutes. Make two Dutch braids on both sides and combine them into a messy bun. This is an amazing casual look for a friend’s party or can be carried to work. Team up with your favorite dress and look you best.

Low Messy Bun With A Dutch Braid

2. Bouffant Bun

This hairstyle will give your bun a loose and airy look with a distinctive and classy touch. You just have to make four partitions of your hair – one in front, two on both sides and one at the back. Make a loose bun with back partition and then add all three partitions into the bun giving it a puffy look.

Bouffant Bun

3. The Messy Top Knot

The messy top knot bun is another quick and easy bun hairstyle. This bun gives you a perfect look to stand out in a crowd. You can get this look with just one rubber band and few bobby pins. Make a small puff sideways or in the front and carefully tie all hair into a high knot. Secure the knot with an elastic rubber band and few pins.

The messy top knot

4. Messy Bun Updo

This fast and effortless bun is an incredible bun hairstyle that works with you formal, casual or special occasion look. To get his flawless look, you just need to pull all your hair into an elastic band keeping hair loose and tied into a bun at the same time. After that, you have to secure the loose hair into the bun bobby pins giving it a messy look.

Messy bun updo

5. Wavy Bun

This is an elegant wavy bun that enhances your look for any occasion. This bun requires hair with plenty of waves. If you have wavy hair, then this is suitable for you. But if you don’t have wavy hair and still want this look, then, first of all, you need to give your hair some waves. Thereafter you need to pull all hair together and secure them in a bun using u-pins or simply bobby pins. Give a splash to your beauty and femininity with this wavy bun.

Wavy Bun

6. Top Loose Bun

This bun hairstyle may look wispy and loose, but is surely sophisticated. You can wear this look for a professional or a personal occasion with a nice long, falling dress. It’s very easy and simple to get this look. You just have to pull all your hair to the top and after giving them a twist, you can secure them with u-pins or bobby pins. Get a casual or classy look instantly with this hairstyle.

Top loose bun

7. Twisted Side Bun

This bun has added plenty of dimension and style to the typical side bun. This is very simple and easy bun hairstyle. To get this look, you need to bring all your hair to either side of your neck and twist them into a twisted bun. This is a perfect hairstyle for a classy occasion with elegance.

Twisted side bun

8. Simple Fancy Bun

This bun hairstyle is not a hairstyle that you can wear every day. It is the best choice to get an elegant look on special occasions. To get this look, you just have to curl all your hair and slowly secure them in a bun giving it a voluminous and messy look. It is a very sophisticated hairstyle that is a perfect choice for stylish ladies.

Simple Fancy Bun

9. Braid Bun

The braid bun is an amazing and easy to make bun. To get this look, all you need to do is tie all you hair into a high ponytail. Thereafter, you need to make two braids and wrap them together to make a high bun. Adding an accessory can enhance your look.

Braid bun

10. Rainy Day Bun

This is a cute and classy bun hairstyle that goes well with your classy look. Grab small sections of your hair from the front, covering all your crown area and start twisting. Secure them with bobby pins and grab them into a ponytail and then into a bun.

Rainy day bun

Try these quick bun ideas and flaunt your hairstyle in every occasion and function. Accessorize your bun to give it a more attractive look. Choice is yours!