10 Latest Clutch Purses Trends Of 2016

Clutches come in various shapes, colors, shapes, materials and textures are an integral part of the fashion trends in the year 2016. With no straps or handles to carry on the shoulder or to carry in the hand, clutches are meant to be carried along as a whole and comes in various kinds of designs and are pretty popular as an accessory from the day to the night.

Some Of The Latest Clutch Purse Trends Of 2016 Are Discussed Below:

1. Lip Clutch Flavor!

Look absolutely unique and stunning and stand way apart for your fashion sense while within a crowd, this lip shaped and looking hand clutch would fetch you innumerous compliments for sure. The Jessica McClintock Lips clutch here is a conversation started to be precise.

Lip clutch flavor

2. Box Clutch Purses!

These are the clutch purses which have stormed the runway this season with their box- like look and structure but the exteriors being embellished with everything from floral motifs to jewels engraved on the exteriors. The jeweled box clutch purses are great as a statement accessory as you need not wear any other accessory with this one.

Box clutch purses

3. The Structured Enveloped Clutch Purses!

These are the latest addition to the craze of thinner smart phones and much alike have come the envelope thin clutch purses which are slim yes, effortless to carry and extremely stylish as a whole. Comes in varied hues, texture, patterns, sizes and shapes, sport one to understand the style quotient it recreates for you!

The structured enveloped clutch purses

4. The Rainbow Clutch Purse!

This clutch is a kind of merriment to me as it sports all the colors of the rainbow and makes a perfect small ensemble of a box like clutch purse in a jiffy! Coming in vertical patterns, all hued differently this clutch can easily go well with any color outfit with utter ease and look equally stylish as ever too!

he rainbow clutch purse

5. Clutches With Tassels Dangling With It!

These are the latest addition to the year’s clutch purse fashion scene where the clutch purses come accommodated with tassels nicely dangling from the lower portion while the clutch itself is colorful and pretty much spacious too which holds cards, money, mobile and et al with utter ease.

Clutches with tassels dangling

6. The Round Cylindrical Clutch Purses Are In!

While we might have encountered the round or cylindrical clutches doing the rounds in the market since early this year, you can try sporting them with your favorite attire where they not only increase your glam quotient but also speaks volume about your sense of style. Be it in glam golden or in the basic monochromes, they are sure to rock an evening!

round cylindrical clutch purses

7. Clutches With A Liquid Glitter Look!

Think of the school days when you used to be in love with the floating glitter stuff your parents would buy you! Well once you have grown up, the fashionista of 2016 have heard you and made these kind of floating glitter clutch purses which are made up of a plastic exterior and which keeps the glitter and the liquid sealed within it. However, this lovely clutch purse has space enough to tuck essential stuff with utter ease!

Clutches with a liquid glitter look

8. Circular Clutch Purses!

Yes indeed, much like the name these clutch purses are round or circular in make and can be held in hand with ease too! Coming in various sizes, colors and patterns, these look extremely trendy and needs a special place in each of a girl’s wardrobe without a speck of doubt.

Circular clutch purses

9. The Funky Make Clutch Purse!

In case you do not have the usual girl peeking from behind the heart in you, and you like something crazy and whacky, this clutch purse trend can be of interest to you. While it resembles a typical and classic looking zip clutch purse to you, the front portion sports some stick-on which are actually glow- in- the- dark ones which glow in the dark places giving it a rather different look and feel to it!

funky make clutch purse

10. Fur Clutch Purses Are The Way!

Whilst every designer across the world seem to be fascinated by furs, clutch purses have not been spared when they have also been made up of furs at the exterior which looks luxurious, fashionable and extremely chic, all at the same time. With this trend picking up, you would not like to be left behind!

Fur clutch purses

The above mentioned clutch purses are very trendy and easy to carry. They comes in various sizes and shapes. Their rates also varies from brand to brand. The different texture and prints will make you fall in love with them. So, choose the best of all for yourself.