10 Latest Trends Of Upgraded Ponytails

It is very difficult to select hairstyle for every day. May be you can’t get enough time for the right hairstyle. But your hair must look elegant and trendy. Stop worrying for the hairstyle. There are numbers of hairstyles are available. One of them is the ponytail. The ponytail is the easy way to make simple hairstyle. It takes less time than other hairstyles. When you don’t have the time or energy to attach your hair with many hair pins and other accessories you can try ponytail. It is not necessary that the ponytail will be in one style. In fact, pony is the starting idea of many hairstyles. It has many variations.

If You Want Some Fresh Ideas For Ponytails Then Go Through This Article:

1. Braid And Pony Combo

This is not a single style but it is a combo. It is a combination of braid and ponytail. Make a braid from your center to the down. Tie a band at the end. Leave the sides hair. Tie a lower pony with hair and braid. The back portion of your head will look stylish and the texture will look really great. This combo hairstyle will be perfect for any occasion. The hairstyle will look good with your entire outfit.

Braid and Pony Combo

2. Colorful Ponytail

It is not about the different hairstyle it is about something extraordinary. You can design your hair with dark colours to make it trendy. Colour your end portion of the hair with dark colour. Use some temporary colour and make it half design. So, when you will tie a pony it will look two colours, dark and light. Choose some awkward colour like purple, yellow, orange, red or blue.

Colorful Ponytail

3. Multiple Bubble Design

This hairstyle is only possible if you have long hair. Tie your ponytail in the centerof the head. Tie your hair like a bubble with elastic band. Make as many bubbles as you can. This ponytail will be a great idea. Any outfit will look good with your hairstyle. The hairstyle is really cool.

Multiple Bubble Design

4. Crimpy Pony

Do you like the puffy bouncy hair? Do you imagine curls in your hair? Well, don’t hold yourself. Add some texture to your hair with crimping iron. Make some curls andbounce in the hair. At last tie the hair like a ponytail. Make the ponytail low and it will look bouncy and floppy. This hair style will look nice. You can make this pony anytime within a very short time.

Crimpy Pony

5. Ponytail With Fabric Accessories

Do you have thin hair? Do you feel shy to make a pony? Make a pony and design it with fabric accessories. When you will successfully tie a ponytail then add some colourful fabric to your pony. It will look thick automatically. The colours will make it more gorgeous. You can add fabric colours matching your dress.

Ponytail with Fabric Accessories

6. Double Side French Braids Pony

Side part your hair to start this hairstyle. Make two side French braids in lesser side. Wrap the pony with two braids and tie the whole hair in a pony. This way you will able to add some texture in the hair. This stylish ponytail will look good at the party or night out. Trust us it will not take much time.

Double Side French Braids Pony

7. Long Ponytail

If your hair length is short then you can try this trick. This trick will make your ponytail looks long. Make a ponytail on top with maximum hair. Make another ponytail just beneath the upper ponytail. This way your second ponytail will be hidden and the ponytail will look longer.

Long Ponytail

8. Twisted Pony

Take a part of your front hair from behind the ear. Create a ponytail with the rest of the hair. Now twist the front hair part and wrap it with the ponytail. Do the twist in the same way on the other side of your hair. Wrap it in the pony. You are ready for the special occasion.

Twisted Pony

9. Double Braids Pony

This hairstyle is the most simple and cute. Create two thin but visible braids. Take your hair casually messy and create a high ponytail with these two braids. Your double braids pony is ready. You can wear any outfit with this braided ponytail. This stylish pony looks lovely. It will change your look instantly.

Double Braids Pony

10. Braid- Ponytail Mix

Create a high ponytail then left some hair in the ponytail. At the end of the ponytail make a braid. Tie it with elastic. Your braid- ponytail mix hairstyle is ready. This hairstyle is exceptionally cute and chic. You can try it for office or outing.

Braid- Ponytail Mix