10 Layered Braids Ideas For Women

Women with both long and medium length hair can make beautiful braids for any occasion. Mostly made for the time in and around the weddings, braids have a different persona to it. They have been I trend for decades now as it was, perhaps one of the first hairstyles to come up on regular basis. Even though getting the hairdo will be a bit hectic and time consuming but nevertheless it is well settled that braids are full of grace and elegance. Let us provide you with awesome styles in this category that can turn out to be helpful if looking out for the same, they are described below as the following.

Below Are The 10 Layered Braids Ideas For Women:

1. Side Braided Pony

This will be the best one for the vacations. The summers can prove to be terrible for women with long hair but this hairstyle will just be a perfect way to handle and tackle the situation. Because the hair are tied and swept to one side, you are free to do whatever and not worry about any sort of hassles.


2. Wide Side Braid

Not all braids are held tight. This braid hairstyle includes lose hair but still tied in a manner that forms braids. The loosening of hair is the reason why the braids are spread all across the head thus making it wide and covering a lot more area than the others. A casual hairstyle, this can be made for any occasion and can be made easily as well.


3. Extended Braids

Long hair can look stunning if sustained properly. The combination of straight hair and braids can give you one of those looks which would have eyes gazing at you (or probably your hairstyle). The hair on top are left straight while the ones in the end are woven into braids and can be kept on any side on the shoulder.


4. Side Braid

Side braids are different from the above mentioned because here the braids are beginning from the very initial stages in a side parting. This extends till the length of the hair, which is usually long in this case. Simply put, this hairstyle is nothing but side partitioned braid style and will definitely look astonishing for a formal event.


5. Messy Braids

Long hair can be a boon for some. Messy hair can look great even though they are messy. Combining the same with braids can look even better. The front part of the hair is left messy while the ends are turned into braids that can be swept on any side. Something very similar to the extended braids as discussed above but the difference lies in the hair remaining messy.


6. Classis Braids

Let the long hair go down the back and look graceful. The side partitioned with lesser amount of hair can be woven into braids while the majority of hair are free to fall on the opposite side. Formal events calling for more proper conduct, this hairstyle can be a good middle point to attain the desired look while still possessing braids.


7. Winding Braids

This will definitely take some doing and going. One thin braid is weaved and this runs around and smooth hair making it looks beautiful. The braid also helps in keeping the side pony intact around which is running. A must try for all the women with long hair.


8. Fishtail Braids

Divide your hair into two sections and then fishtail each side. Once this is attained, you can loosen your hair to give the braids a more fluffy look or make it look more messy than the normal. This hairstyle is perfect for women who are looking for modern hairstyles which are flashy.


9. Boho Braids

Bohemian style in the present is very much wanted. The women too are looking out for different styles that can be mixed with bohemian textures to give them a unique look. Again, divide the hair into 2 sections while each of the side partitioned would be tied into braids that are on a free fall. Tying flowers around the same will surely make you look like a women from Anglo-American era.


10. Low Bun Braid

Braids, like seen above can be combined with othersto give a different look altogether, but in this case, how about having loose braids going down and converging into a small bun? Convert one side of the hair into a braided line and tie them into a bun with the remaining. The messy look will also be attained at the same, giving you one of the best braid sections of all time.