10 Lovely Summer Shoes You Will Love

It’s summer, the time for outing, party and vacation. This is the time when you can wear open shoes for letting your feet inhale. You can pick sandals or open heels or flat sandals. You can also use some open comfortable sandals on the shopping. This season is the perfect time for wearing comfortable open shoes. We have a huge collection of summer shoes that you can buy. Have a look.

Here Are The 10 Lovely Summer Shoes You Will Love:

1. Star Strapped Flat Sandal

This sandal is unique and fashionable. It is a flat sandal with open the heels and toes. The sandal has long strap with star design. The star strap, silver colour sandal is really great. You can wear it with the short dress or shorts. The sandal looks lovely in summer. It also boosts up your fashion trends.

Star Strapped Flat Sandal

2. Gladiator High Heel

The black gladiator high heel is ideal for the night out. It is gorgeous and looks good with the black short dress. The height of the high heel just covers the feet. The toes are open and heels are covered. The design is like net with a big net. The heel is pointed so it will give you a nice sexy posture, attractive look.

Gladiator High Heel

3. Sneakers

It is true that you can’t wear sneakers with every dress. It is true that sneakers are always in fashion trends. These covered shoes are very comfortable and ideal for summer if you want to save your feet from tan. There are lots of sneakers with different designs, material and comforts. You can choose whichever you want to. But try to buy branded sneakers for better painless soles and spongy comfortable feeling. Be sure that it is breathable.


4. Gladiator Sandals

The gladiator sandal is one of the best ways to do fashion in summer. Its USP is thousands strap and net like look with thin or slightly thick sole. Generally the height of the straps goes up to the knees. This classical styled sandal is available in black, white, nude, brown, gold, silver and coloured. The black one is gorgeous and the white one is sophisticated. The golden, silver and nude are striking.

Gladiator Sandals

5. Chunky Heeled Sandal

This square heel sandal belongs to 70’s and 90’s fashion trends. It is high heeled and the front portion can be covered except the toes and a sleek belt is covered around the heel. It can be like a large cross on the feet. This high heel sandal compliments every outfit. When you will wear it you will feel the changes.

Chunky Heeled Sandal

6. Stilettos

Stiletto means extreme style with dashing look. It is the best stylish eye-catching shoe in the current trend. When you will wear a pair of stiletto you will understand the difference. It will change your posture, walking. It is absolutely complimented any kind of outfit. This high heel toes covered sandal is always rock the fashion. It is ideal for parties, shopping, and outing.


7. Flat Sandal With Belt

This simple yet comfortable sandal is really great in the summer. Thin flat sole with heel guard and ankle belt and a strap on the feet, that’s all. You can choose any colour but it is popular for the comfy. You can wear it in the day time in some places with any outfit. It looks lovely with skirts and shorts. In fact, you can choose other flat sandals according to your choice.

Flat Sandal with Belt

8. Gypsy Sandal

If you spice up your outfit then gypsy inspired sandal is the right choice for you. It is comfortable and coloured. The design can be like five straps with lots of thread, metal works and coloured woollen balls. This sandal is appropriate for your funky look. But remember that it is for the casual occasion. But we must say that it can be paired with a long black dress.

Gypsy Sandal

9. Lace Up High Heel

The lace up high heel can rock your party with sexy outfit. It will fail the list of all adjectives. It is sexy, attractive, gorgeous and enough stylish to blow your mind. The high heel has two straps and lace. You can pair it with the sexy short dress. We suggest you to choose the beautiful dashing red but you can choose others.

Lace Up High Heel

10. Flat Sandal

If you want to wear something simple and nude then flat sandal is the best thing. It has only two thin belts with some design that is all. It looks good with maximum outfit. You can wear it wherever this kind sandal is allowed. There is a huge collection of colours, designs and comforts. Choose according to your taste.

Flat Sandal