Here are some cute tops to wear to work. These outfits for office are fashionable yet dignified enough to be professional.

Nowadays, most women are always pressed for time and deciding on which top to adorn to workplace can be quite challenging and time-consuming.

And as you may already know, the right top can make even an average-looking outfit appear like a fashionable one.

Dressing yourself in fashionable and comfortable clothing can help boost your confidence level.

Plus, if you wish to dress up in the most stylish manner, then you should have something trendy and comfortable on.

Today we have zeroed in on some of the most stylish tops you can rock to work. These versatile tops can be adorned day in day out and can be paired with all kinds of pants, skirts and trousers.

Create workplace-appropriate fashionable ensembles with the help of these tops and take your personal style to new levels.

Furthermore, make your sense of style stand out from the crowd by stocking up on fashion accessories such as statement earrings, bracelets, trendy shoes and bags to completely slay your workplace-going look.

Stylish Tops To Wear To Work

1. Turtleneck Top

The classiest top you can rock with pretty much any clothing item is a turtleneck top.

This apparel has reigned on the fashion industry for the past few decades.

Put together this top with a pair of high waist trousers and you will look your absolute best while staying comfortable. Plus this classy top can be worn all year long.

2. Peplum Top

Another superbly stylish type of top that you can effortlessly don at your workplace is peplum top.

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The unique structure of this top can increase the style appeal of any outfit you don it with. Put together an ensemble with a form-fitting peplum top and a formal skirt to look stunning.

Go ahead and nail your office look by donning this combo with high-heels and tote.

3. Button Down Shirt

Button down shirts are hands down the most fashionable top you can adorn to your workplace.

Other than being a wardrobe staple, this specific type of upper clothing item is also super comfy and tends to make any attire, it is paired with, look flattering.

4. Lace Top

Lace top is another fashionable and dynamic type of top that can compliment any piece of clothing that it is donned with.

You can adorn this cute-looking top with a pair of high waist trousers or just team it with a midi skirt to slay your office-worthy appearance and look like a fashionable career woman.

5. Striped Top

Striped tops are all time favorite tops of a lot of women across the globe.

The simple yet classy style appeal of this specific type of top can work wonders on any piece of clothing that it is paired with.

Either wear it with a pair of jeans or just team it with a midi skirt and look your best at work.

6. Cold Shoulder Top

All the fashion-forward divas are going gaga over cold shoulder tops. Moreover, it goes well with all types of skirts, pants and jeans.

Go for a smart-casual workplace attire by teaming this top with a pair of trousers and ankle-length sandals.

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Load up on other accessories as well to make a bold statement with your outfit at work.

7. Peasant Top

Models often don this type of top on magazine covers and a lot of street style experts are completely head over heels with this fashionable top.

It comes in different fabrics, with varying sleeve patterns, etc.

Pair this multipurpose top with a gorgeous formal skirt and oxford shoes to form an incredibly stylish office-going outfit.

8. Cowl Neck Top

The distinctive styling of the neck part of this top makes it highly fashionable.

A stylish must-own wardrobe essential, cowl neck top is another workplace-appropriate top that can help you not only look your absolute best at work but also stand out from the crowd.

Just put together an attire by teaming a form-fitting cowl neck top with wide-leg trousers and heels.

9. Tank Top

Tank tops are versatile type of clothing item that can be paired with various outerwear.

For workplace-appropriate outfit, you can easily team a tank top with an oversized blazer or just rock it with a shrug and a pair of formal trousers.

This multipurpose top deserves to earn a place in your wardrobe.

10. Off Shoulder Top

Off shoulder tops come under the smart-casual category.

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They are the trendiest tops in the fashion scene nowadays and are cited to be perfect blend of elegance and style.

You just need to put together an office-appropriate outfit of trousers teamed with an off shoulder top, blazer and a pair of ballet flats to look slay-worthy.

Summary on Office Outfits

In addition to the outfits, it is also important that you keep your hair and makeup on point.

The best and the most important thing to keep in mind while wearing a top at the workplace is that it should not make you seem like an office woman. Selecting your top wisely, one can look great even at their 9-5 job.

Not only will you feel confident but also people around you will start paying attention to what you are wearing. So, turn this opportunity into something useful for them too!

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