10 Natural Tips To Care For Skin After Menopause

You just had your menopause and now you are realizing that your skin is not really the same as it was before. You are finding a lot of changes in your skin. But don’t worry, as that usually happens, after you get your menopause. Sometimes the hormones may act differently and you might feel a glow on your skin, but that is in very few cases. During the Menopause, the levels of the estrogen play a great role and the lower level may impact your radiant skin. The lesser the estrogen the more wrinkles, thinning, fine-lines and sagging.

Therefore, to avoid all these problems, you must take care of your skin properly and also have a healthy and a rich diet. Also, during menopause, that doesn’t make any collagen and therefore, you lose a lot of fat under your skin, which results in the dropping of the skin’s elasticity. This problem when gets combined to the hormones will result in sagging especially on the area around the neck, cheeks, and jawline. It is also the reason of the wrinkles and the fine lines you get. There are many things that you can do prevent yourself from aging and avoid all these old age problems to the skin.

Mentioned below are the 10 Natural Tips to Care For Skin After Menopause:

1. Clean Up

Clean up plays a very major role for keeping your skin intact. It is a basic skin regime that every woman should follow in her daily lives. The women who have hit their menopause, should especially take a note of this and get a clean up once in a month; as during this time the skin becomes drier and your skin will get benefit from the extra moisture that you will get from the clean up. Make sure to get moisture based clean up so that the dry skin will get some moisture.

Clean Up

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

This is another important thing that you must practice. By keeping hydrate, we mean keep your face hydrated and even your body. After the menopause, the oil glands become inactive and they make your skin really dry. Moisturize your skin with a good lotion and use it when your skin is still wet. It will help in boosting the hydration.

Keep yourself hydrated

3. Don’t Forget To Put SPF

You have always put the Sunscreen lotion when you were young, then why did you stop now. Putting a SPF is an important thing when you go out. When you grow old, the skin looses all its elements to protect your skin. Hence, it is very important to put the sunscreen when you step out of the house.

Use Sun Protection Compulsorily

4. Use Moisturizer Regularly Under Your Eyes, Neck, Jawlines And Face

Over the period of time as you grow old, your skin becomes dull and damaged, if not taken proper care. During the time of menopause, the hormones starts acting badly and they make your skin look very dry especially the area under your eyes, jawlines and neck. Use a proper moisturizer and moisturize your face twice daily.

Use moisturizer regularly under your eyes, neck, jawlines and face

5. Hit The Aging Spots

One of the things, that you will find when you hit your menopause is the aging spots. Many times the women already have these spots around their neck and chest. In such a case you can exfoliate your skin by proper scrubbing and get rid of the dead cells, which are flaky and dull. You can also use the skin lightning spots to get rod of these spots.

Hit the aging spots

6. Make Sure To Moisture The Back Of Your Hands

After the menopause, or aging, the first if the signs is that the back of your hands becomes dry and also you will see lot of wrinkles. Hence, it is an important thing to moisturize and keep your hands hydrated. Protect your hands from the heat and cover your hands while doing household chores.

Make sure to moisture the back of your hands

7. Have A Healthy Diet And Food Rich In Antioxidants

This is one of the most important things that you must keep in mind. After menopause, the collagen in your body reduces hence make sure to eat the food, which is rich in antioxidants. It will help your skin to become strong and will also keep it healthy and plumpy. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables.

Have a healthy diet and food rich in antioxidants

8. Eat Soy Rich Food

This is another thing that you can do to help your skin natural and glowy after menopause. Soy is very rich in isoflavones, and it helps in improving the problems related to skin like thinning and aging. Having 2-3 glasses of soymilk regularly, it will help you tremendously in a lot of other ways as well.

Eat soy rich food

9. Meditate

Nothing is better than meditation. When you are stressed, meditate. Women after they get their menopause should start practicing meditation as it relaxes your skin and also allows your skin to breath.


10. Sleep Well

This is one of the most important things and women who are facing skin problems post menopause should have a proper sleep routine. It helps to keep your skin calm and fresh and also prevents aging.

Sleep well