10 Oblique Exercises For A Flat Stomach

A flat and tight stomach is the desire of every single woman. Who would not love those amazing abs and stunning core which makes the entire posture of the body amazing. Women love to flaunt their amazing flat and desirable stomach while carrying various dresses. If you too desire for a completely flat and tight stomach and have been trying various exercises and tactics to get one but have failed, here are some amazing oblique exercises we can suggest for a perfectly sculpted and chiseled stomach. These amazing oblique exercises would never fail in providing you amazing and adorable belly and would make you fall in love with your stomach. Follow these sets of exercises regularly with you regular workouts and witness a vast positive difference in your stomach.

Below Are The 10 Oblique Exercises For A Flat Stomach:

1. Side Plank With Leg Raise

The planks are the heaviest and high ender workouts which you can include in your workout routine, but for more impact on the stomach, you must consider the side planks with alternate leg raises. This amazing workout applies high pressure on your core and oblique while making it stronger and tighter. You should include this amazing workout in your routine if you want amazingly crafted and astonishing stomach.


2. Side Crunches

Crunches are immensely beneficial when it comes to amazing core and oblique muscles. If you want amazingly crafted stomach, you must perform this stunning workout which would not only work on your stomach but would also sharpen your sides, your abs and entire core. For a perfect toning, use this highly impactful workout and get a stunning stomach soon.


3. Regular Crunches

The regular crunches must be included in the regular workout sessions. They do not only work on the abs but would also work on your thighs, arms and would provide a complete toning and sculpting. If you want a perfectly flat and toned stomach, we swear on this amazing workout which you must consider once and witness the wonderful results.


4. Leg Raises

The leg raises can be performed in various positions and styles. You can perform simple leg raise which can build your stomach muscles tighter. Keep your hands behind the head and raise your legs straight upwards. Hold on in this position for a while when you feel high pressure on your stomach and then relax. This workout pressurizes and strengthens your stomach and makes it perfectly toned.


5. Straight Crunches With Alternate Leg Raise

This amazing variation of crunches would make you fall in love with the results it provides. A sharp and tighter belly can be achieved by this completely dependable workout. Keep your hands behind your head and raise each leg alternatively while you perform the regular straight crunches. This would apply immense pressure and stretch on your oblique muscles. This would result into strengthening of your core and abs.


6. Pilates

Pilates would never fail to provide you amazing abs and stomach. If you love to work hard for building amazing muscles and get high intensity workouts you must try these amazing pilates. The Pilates strengthen the core muscles and tightens the stomach while providing you amazing and dazzling stomach. This oblique workout would work wonders on your stomach within no time for sure.


7. Donkey Kickbacks

The donkey kickbacks can be performed in a proper manner to get a fine and sculpted core and abs. If you love to perform kickbacks, try this amazing donkey kickback variation for your stomach. Perform 15-20 repetitions for each leg during your daily workout session and get amazing tightened and sharp core muscles. You stomach will get notably sharper and tighter.


8. Ball Twists

Using the balls in the workouts is extremely pleasing and joyful. The balls provide enough support for the workouts and provide you more redefining results. You can perform these amazing ball twists which would sharpen and strengthen your core muscles and would shape your stomach beautifully.


9. Planks

The normal planks are extremely helpful if you want to get amazing flat and stunning stomach. The planks generally are performed into different variations to focus on different parts of the body. The casual plank would pressurize and work on your oblique muscles which would in turn result into perfectly shaped and toned stomach. Perform 15-20 planks a day for faster and amazing results.


10. Pushups

Pushups are high intensity workouts which work wonders on the stomach. This amazing workout would help in toning the amazing arms and the complete body. The pushups strengthen your core muscles making your belly more tight and stunning. Perform various or simple pushups in your regular workout sessions and get jaw dropping results on your belly soon.