10 Shower Gel For The Dry Skin Available In The Market

We all have different type of the skin and that is the reason we cannot use any cosmetic product on the skin, dry skin has less moisturisation on the skin and if you we use any harsh soap while bathing then it also takes all the moisturisation of the skin easily and that cause serious problem to the skin, there are shower gel in the market for the dry skin and they are cream in texture and clean the skin proper, they give proper moisturisation to the skin, here is the list of some of the shower gel available in the market for dry skin.

1. Body Shop Shower Gel

Body shop shower gel is gentle on the dry skin, it is in the gel form, the strawberry in it, gives smoothness to the skin and the essence of the shower gel lasts for a day and you will fresh throughout the day, it moisturize the skin for longer time. The small amount is enough to give proper foam on the skin.

Body Shop Shower Gel

2. Dove Body Wash

Dove products are always mild on the skin and dove body wash is full of many things like the milk, cucumber and green tea and this is good on the dry skin, as the milk removes the dead skin of the body and the cucumber and then green tea nourishes and give proper moisturisation to skin throughout the day.

Dove Body Wash

3. Organic Surge Shower Gel

Organic surge shower gel is a herbal shower gel, organic surge shower gel has the vitamin E in it, to give proper nourishment to the skin, organic surge shower gel has the aloe vera, with the lavender oil that moisturizes the skin for a day, also a pleasant smell will also be there throughout the day, you can also apply this to all type of the skin.

4. Aloe Veda Cedar Wood Gel

Aloe veda cedar wood gel also a herbal shower gel, it has the cedar wood in it which is good to hydrates the dry skin, also it the foam is gentle on the skin and gives a creamy smooth skin, it remove the dead skin of the body properly, it has the glycerin in it which gives proper moisturisation to the skin.

5. Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash

Dry skin needs moisturisation for longer periods, otherwise rashes will be there on the skin, olay is a trusted brand of the world, olay ultra moisture body wash has the shea butter in it, for the longer moisturisation of the skin, also you will get a creamy soft skin for a day by using this body wash, you will feel fresh throughout the day.

6. Vivel Creme Oil Butter Body Wash

Vivel has the range of the soaps for different types of the skin, but this is for the dry skin. Vivel crème oil butter body wash has butter in it, which gives the skin proper moisturisation and it stays on the skin for longer time, a small amount is sufficient to give you enough foam for the bath, it has the olive oil essence in it, that repair any damages on the skin and hydrates the skin throughout the day.

7. VLCC Body Firming Shower Gel

Dry skin has the less elasticity and we need to use something so that the elasticity of the skin remains always, VLCC body firming shower get has the grape fruit in it, with the essence of the black pepper, that removes the dead skin and also removes the harmful germs from the body, the foam is gentle on the skin and hydrates is throughout the day.

8. Palmolive Aroma Therapy

Palmolive is a trusted brand in the market and Palmolive aroma therapy is a gel especially for the dry skin, the bottle is eye catching, Palmolive aroma therapy has the lavender oil in it, that hydrates the skin and also gives the dry skin proper moisturisation, you will feel fresh and the smell of this body wash is so good.

9. Nature’s Co Sunflower

If you have dry skin, then you will soft skin as your skin will have rashes if it is not proper hydrated and moisturized, nature’s sunflower shower gel is for the dry skin, the foam is gentle on the skin and it also remove the dryness of the skin and helps in fighting the germs of the skin as the sunflower has the anti inflammatory properties.

10. Nivea Power Fruit Relax

Nivea has a range of beauty products, Nivea power fruit relax is the shower gel by the Nivea for the dry skin and it has the blueberry extracts in it, which hydrates and moisturize the skin and also gives a nice smell, the foam is gentle and gives you a smooth skin after the wash.