10 Squat Variation To Shape Your Lower Body

The squat is a great exercise to shape up the lower part of the body. It has many variations that can work in a single part of the body parts. There has squat which can work on hips, thighs, legs and feet. These exercises boost the strength of the lower body. It is necessary to practice the squat perfection to get proper results. You can take the guidance of a professional gym instructor in your initial days.

Let’s Have A Focus On Different Squats Which Can Bring Strength To The Lower Body Parts:

1. Squat Jumps With Rotation

Stand up with two legs apart with a medicine ball. Now squat down and put the ball on the floor. Rotate your body to themidair 90 degrees and jump up and landing in a squat. Put the ball on the floor again and rotate the body to come to the old position. Do this on the one side and rotate one full circle from right to left. This squat will help you to burn fat and shape your whole lower body.


2. Pistol Squat

Stand straight and forward your hands straight. Now forward your one leg forward and try to sit down by balancing on one leg. Give the entire body weight on the other leg. Stand up, do the same exercise with the other leg. Practice it with 20 reps. This way you will shape up your thighs, hips and legs.


3. Single Leg Squat

Stand straight with the left leg a little bit of up. Now push your hip back, balance on your lift up legs and arms. Now in this squat position, try to sit down on the floor. This is one rep. You have to do the 20 reps on leg foot and 20 reps on the right leg. This exercise is great for legs and thighs. You can practice it properly so that you will get better result.


4. Bulgarian Split Squat

Keep a small tool three feet away from your back. Stand straight, put left feet on the tool, put your hands behind your head. Now come to lower in squat with your left knee bending. Stay for a few seconds and then go back to your old position. Practice this same with right foot on the tool. Do this for 15 reps for shaping up your body.


5. Sumo Squat

Keep your legs wider than your hip width and stand straight and hold a medicine ball in front of your chest. Now squat down as much possible. Now push your back up. Put your feet on the floor and your back must be straight. Do these exercises 15 reps at least for getting the best result. Your squat position will look like sumo wrestlers.


6. Static Squat

Stand straight with hips width distance legs apart. Put your hands on the chest in crossing position. Now squat down by pushing your back behind and bending knees. Stay in this position for one minute and then slowly come to your starting position. Practice this exercise for 20 reps. You will definitely get good result by practicing this squat.


7. Hindu Squat

These are not regular squat exercise; rather these are more active and lively. Stand straight with shoulder length distance legs apart. Now lower your body in squat position, when you are sitting down lift your heels up. When you will stand up keep your hands in front side and when you will sit down just put your arms on your back side.


8. Chair Pose

This is a yoga inspired pose. This squat exclusively works on the thighs. Stand tall with your feet together and push your hip back side and knees bend. Now come to the squat position like you aresitting on a chair, but there is no such chair exist. Place your hands up in ‘V’ position stays for one minute and then come to your starting position. Practice it 4 reps.


9. Foot On Foot Squat

Stand tall with your left ankle on your right thigh. Hands will be aside your body. Then push your hips back and bend knees. Try to come to the squat position in this manner. Keep your hands straight forward for balancing. You can practice this exercise for 15 reps.


10. Calf Raise With Squat

This is good for hip and thigh. Stand with wide open feet. Now put your hands on your waist. Come to the squat position with raised feet. Now 10 times put the heels up and down. Do this exercise for 5 times at a time.


The above mentioned exercises are really very effective if try them on regular basis along with a health nutrient diet.