10 Styling Tips For A Pear Shaped Body

The designers always suggest wearing clothes as per the figure type. If women wear clothes according to their body shape and size, they can look 50 times more appealing, classy, perfectly shaped and glorious. The pear shaped body is sometimes tricky to style. The women with pear shaped body generally are lean from the upper body and are broader from the hips and thighs. A medium bust and a heavier or broader lower body is the identification of the pear shaped body. For the women with such body, it is important to wear the clothes which can balance the body shape and make them look perfectly sculpted and stylish. This can be done by adding volume to the light areas and showcasing the correct assets. If you too have a pear shaped body and want a brief understanding of how to dress for a stunning look, go through this awesome article.

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Below Are The Styling Tips For A Pear Shaped Body:

1. Add Volume To The Upper Body

For the women with a pear shaped body, the highlights are the hips and waists. If you want to showcase more of your upper body, try using the tops and dresses which can add some volume to your upper body and makes it look nicely sculpted and voluminous. The pattern slick ruffles dresses, layered dresses would enhance you upper body and would give you a balanced look.

2. Wear Round And Closed Neck Clothes

If you want to showcase and enhance your entire body shape, you can use this awesome trick and get a successfully beautiful look. Wear round neck t-shirts which would enhance your bust line, you can also wear the dresses with closed neck which would showcase some volume and would enhance the look and shape of your upper body while giving you a stable and perfect shape.

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3. Wear Layered Dresses And Tops

Layered tops have the right balance and it would surely spread the correct volume o the correct parts. If you have extremely huge and broad hips, you need to balance your upper body to make yourself appear lean and sleek. Thu you must wear the clothes which are layered and would broaden the upper body while giving a sleek look to your lower body.

4. Wear Sleek A Line Dresses

A line dresses are the best options for the women having a pear shaped body. The line dresses are sleek and do not possesses mush layers and pockets which can make your body look fat and unshaped. Try stunning long and sleek a line dresses for creating an illusion of a sleek and shaped body.

5. Try Stunning Lengthy Jackets

Instead of the short and waist length jackets this time try the lengthy jackets which can cover your hips. These jackets would give you a lengthy and sleek look which would hide the broadness and thickness of your hips and lower body. Try this amazing trick which would work wonders and would provide you a stylish and cool look.

6. Wear Strapless Dresses

Swipe your focus from the hips and lower body and get the attention to your perfectly toned shoulders and arms. If you have sleek and toned arms, you can go with the stylish strapless dresses which would make you look dazzling and beautiful. Your body shape would get perfectly enhance with this awesome trick for sure.

7. Go For High Waist And Flairy Skirts

High waist generally makes your waistline like thinner and amazing. It also provides you some length and makes you look slimmer and sleek. The flairy skirts would hide the extra broadness of your hips and make your waist look smaller and perfectly shaped. Try this awesome and promising trick and look marvellous.

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8. Puffball Sleeves

The puffball sleeves make the body look slimmer and stylish. This traditional and amazing pattern drives your focus on the arms and makes your shoulders and body look extremely sleek and toned. Try long dresses with puffball sleeves and look toned and perfectly shaped this season.

9. Wear Darker Shades

The darker shades are the amazing option for women with pear shaped body. If you have large hips and a heavy bust, try a stunning body con dress with dark shade which would enhance your curves and would make you look extremely cool and dazzling. This trick can never fail to make you look gorgeous and beautiful.

10. Wear Shirts With Fitted Waist

The waist is the asset for the girls with pear shaped body. You can make the waist look extremely thin and shaped with this trick. If you have heavy lower body, get a slim fit shirt which can make your body look shaped and toned in a beautiful manner.

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