10 Stylish Chignon Buns You Can Try This Season

The classic chignon buns are now back again. The fashion crazy people can now tie their hair again with these buns. They look very sexy with gowns or the evening parties where you would like to dress up and go. A lot of celebrities are now spotted wearing the chignon bun. The chignon bun is basically the French word for bun and it is usually tied at the nape of the neck. Though a lot of people do a lot of variations with it to make it look smart, stylish and elegant. There are numerous styles of chignon buns that you can try.

These buns can also be worn at the wedding parties and they look very classy. The Chignon buns are usually tied lower than the usual buns. The other difference between chignon and buns is that the buns can be messy, informal and tied up anywhere in your head, but chignon buns are usually formal and sophisticated. There are many different ways to style and tie the chignon buns and they all look great without a doubt.

Mentioned Below Are The 10 Stylish Chignon Buns You Can Try This Season:

1. The Side Chignon

It is very simple to get this gorgeous look. The side chignon looks very glamorous and beautiful. To get this look, you will need a curling rod to curl the hair around to make the bun look classy. Once that is done, fix it with the pins and use a hair spray to make the bun look settled. You can also use the side parting and a good fall on your face to make it look more effective.

The Side Chignon

2. Messy Low Chignon Bun

This is another classic chignon bun and it looks very beautiful when you are wearing a gown or an evening dress. The side low messy bun gives a free look to your face and also makes you look carefree. It is a perfect hairstyle to make when you are going for brunches or evening parties.

Messy Low Chignon Bun

3. Sleeker Chignon Side Bun

This is a very clean and tight chignon bun and it looks very pretty with dresses or in any formal attire. It will need a little bit of braiding and twists and turns. It looks very neat and clean. A lot of brides prefer this hairstyle during their wedding day.

Sleeker chignon side bun

4. The Halfway Chignon Curled Bun

This is a very cute looking bun and a lot of girls prefer trying this bun. It looks a little messy and also is not a complete full bun. A lot of hair falls here and there in this bun. The bun looks very smart with dresses or jeans and a tee shirt. It gives a very good feeling when you tie this bun. It also makes you look carefree.

The halfway chignon curled bun

5. Chignon Buns With Classic Curls

Having tied the chignon bun, make sure to give your hair some classy curls. It is one of the most preferred hairstyle by Taylor Swift. You must have seen her flaunting this hairstyle in a lot of award shows. The hairstyle looks very classy and elegant.

Chignon buns with classic curls

6. The Low Braided Chignon Bun

It is a very simple to do bun and if you have small hair than you can easily do this hairstyle. All you will need to do is make a braid and once that is done make a bun out of it on your nape or maybe a little higher if you want. The hairstyle looks very classy and elegant. It also gives a neat feeling.

The low braided chignon bun

7. The Side Braids Chignon Bun

This is another braided hairstyle, which looks very elegant and classic. All you need to do for this hairstyle is to part your hair either from the centre or from the sides however you like and make braids on either side if it’s a centre partition and one sided braid if it is a side partition. It looks very nice and you can make a side bun. It looks very classy and elegant.

The side braids chignon bun

8. Curly Rolls Chignon

Curly rolled up Chignon bun looks really nice and beautiful. If you have long hair and you like the hair tied up neatly, then this can be the perfect hairstyle for you. You can make a lower side bun and roll the hair properly to make it look classy.

Curly rolls chignon

9. The Bumped Up Chignon

The bumped up chignon bun is a great hairstyle for parties and weddings. It looks very beautiful and elegant. These buns are usually dual buns and they make your face look long. Those with oval face can totally go with these hairstyles.

The bumped up chignon

10. Low Chignon Bun With Big Curls

If you have curly or wavy hair then this is a perfect hairstyle and it looks really great with dresses and is also a perfect hairstyle for the weddings. The big curls will give it a messy yet elegant look. This bun suits all face types and goes well with everything.

Low Chignon bun with big curls