10 Stylish Medium Length Hairstyles

Hairstyle is something that we love to change frequently. Medium length hair is long enough that you can think of tie it and short enough that you became confused how you will tie it in a night out. Well, don’t worry. There are many hairstyles that you can do for attending a party or dating with your medium length hair. We have a collection of stylish, classic, modern hairstyle ideas for medium length hair. These hairstyles are easy to maintain and simple. Let’s have a look.

Here Are The 10 Stylish Medium Length Hairstyles:

1. Straight Brink

Style your medium length hair with straightening. The longer bob will look voluminous and the sharp layers will add a texture to the hairstyle. Brush your hair to the back to bring a bouncy look at the hair. This hairstyle is simple yet modish.

Straight Brink

2. Curly Waves

These messy wavy curls look beautiful in medium layered haircut. Comb your sides when it is wet. Create curls with fingers. Use diffuser attached blow dryer and dries your hair. When your hair is dry, then break up your curls with fingers. You can use tiny size barrel iron for touch up. Your hair will look shiny, smooth, wavy and curly.

Curly Waves

3. Lower Curls

This hairstyle is quite old fashioned and stylish. The hair will be shoulder length with layers cut. Side part your hair and make it straight to the half-length with a flat iron. Use a curling iron for the rest of the hair for bigger curls. Your fuzzy hair will add a volume to your hair and at last use hair spray to set it well for a long time.

Lower Curls

4. Casual Lower Braid

You love braids and can’t do it for your short hair? Well, you can do it in your medium length hair fashionably. This hairstyle is casual and perfect for a day out or night out with friends. Brush your hair collect all your hair to make a braid at the end of the hair. Tie it with a band at the end. You can do this braid on one side for better position. You can hairclips to fix the braid.

Casual Lower Braid

5. Waves With Twist

This hairstyle is again a simple one but you can do it for any party. Brush your wet hair a make curls with curly iron. Use your finger to make your hair look messy. Finally, collect your front hair and twist it and fasten on your right side. Your messy and wavy hairstyle is ready.

Waves with Twist

6. Messy Braid Updo

This hairstyle looks lovely with the dresses. You can do it for the party. Brush your hair and part the hair from the middle. Make four braids, two from the front and two from the back. Now take that back braid and tie it like crisscross behind the ears. Attach two braids from the front and your messy but braided hairstyle is ready.

Messy Braid Updo

7. Headband With Bun

If you have a medium length hair then we can assure you that you can do some really unique hairstyle. Brush your parted hair and collect some hair from both sides. Make twist and tie it in back like a band. Now tie your hair end and tie it inside the band and make a roller shape bun. Your hair is ready for the special day.

Headband with Bun

8. Twisted Braid With Open Hair

This hair style looks complicated but it is very stylish and good. Brush your hair. Make two braids in front parted hair. Connect these braids with other hair and make it thick. Lastly tie two braids at the back like a band. Leave it loose and open rest of the hair. It will be good if your hair is straight.

Twisted Braid with Open Hair

9. Braid With Ponytail

It is a very nice hairstyle. You know you can use imagination quality here for the best hairstyle. Brush the hair and create two braids in front. Take it to the back and tie it in a tiny ponytail. You can wear any kind of dress with this hairstyle. This braid and ponytail combination will definitely rock your occasion.

Braid with Ponytail

10. Large Top Knot

This hairstyle will make you forever young. It looks good if your hair is straight. Brush the hair and tie it on the top of the head. Brush the tied hair. Set it in the front. Your hair will look messy and stylish. This hairstyle is meant for jeans, pants and for shorts. The hairstyle will give you an amazing look. You can go to the college or outing or party with this cute hairstyle.

Large Top Knot

The above mentioned medium length hairstyles are totally going to give a new look and help you standout in the crowd. So, try them out and see the difference.