10 Stylish Outfit Ideas To Make Hips Look Slimmer

Heavier hips is a problem that a lot of hour glass shaped women and even those with pear shaped women tend to have. They are on the bulkier side when it comes to lower body and hence seek alternatives for clothing that are fashionable but also makes the lower half of the body appear slimmer.

So Here Are Some Trendy Styles That Makes Your Hips Look Slimmer:

1. Bootcut/ Flaired Trousers

It is time to give those skinny jeans a break and think of the boot cut or flared styles. Basically these are a little wider on the bottom which automatically makes your hips look slimmer. You should pick something that is settled around the waist and not very clingy from the hips. Opt for darker hues if possible.

Bootcut/ Flaired Trousers

2. A-Line Dresses/ Skirts

A-line dresses and skirts are ideal for this body shape type. If you want to appear narrow on the hips side, then you should opt for A-line outfits. These cling to the top and give a light flare on the bottom again. What happens here is that your upper body is given more attention and lower body appears to be slimmer.

A-Line Dresses Skirts

3. Wear Dark Bottoms

Heavier hips are often caused because of wrong outfit ideas. Darker bottoms are the way to go with women who have heavier butts. This way the darker colours create a slimming affect and help you in looking more shapely on the legs.

Wear Dark Bottoms

4. Wear Compressing/ Short Style Panties

Another quick way to compress the hips slightly and give you a slimmer look would be by wearing boy-short panties. What happens here is that they tend to create a compressing affect on the hips, which automatically makes you appear thinner on that front.

Wear compressing short style panties

5. Sleeveless And Halter Necks

Opt for sleeveless and halter neck outfits that take the attention away from the hips and give you a more toned and slimming affect. With women who are heavier on the hips, usually the upper body is thinner so get attention to the right areas.

Sleeveless and Halter Necks

6. Belt Your Clothes Around Waist

Belting or accessorising the waist is another great idea to grab attention way from the hips. What happens here is that your curvy waist gets more attention while the hips get a little more space this appearing slimmer without trying too hard.

Belt your clothes around waist

7. Wear Vertical Prints On the Bottom

If you have to wear prints on the bottoms, think of vertical prints or very small prints that don’t get attention to those hips. In particular, you should think of either stripes or even minute or minuscule checks that create a slimming affect.

Wear Vertical Prints On the Bottom

8. Avoid Flap Pockets/ Accessorised Pockets

Do not pick denims or trousers that have a flapped pocket. What happens here is that the flapped pocket with buttons or studs tend to get immediate attention to your hips. And it would automatically make them look bigger with those added pockets.

Avoid Flap Pockets Accessorised pockets

9. Wear Wedge Heels

If you feel that you are short and also have wider or protruding hips, then opting for wedges is the best solution for you. It will give you the right balance and correct posture to make your hips look more toned. Avoid pencil heels that make your hips just out more.

Wear Wedge Heels

10. Wear Shirts That End Around Hips

Wear tops and shirts that end right around the hips instead of the ones that end above the hips. What happens is that when tops end above hips, they draw more attention to your curves there. Either cropped or just below the butts would be your best call here.

Wear shirts that end around hips