10 Stylish Wayfarer Sunglasses You Can Try This Season

Wayfarers have become one of the most trendy and fashionable looking sunglasses for both men and women. Of course sunglasses are a commodity that one cannot only have a single one but a collection would be lovely. Wayfarers were originally designed by Ray-Ban and it gained huge popularity amongst the Americans in the 1950s and 60s and later the design spread all across Europe and Asia and there we are, still wearing the sexy pair. Even though women may not wear wayfarers so often but the people who have made it a trend such Bob Dylan and Tom Cruise, no girl will avoid wearing such a pair if you have seen the two pulling it off handsomely. Let us see some recent styles and pairs of wayfarers that you ladies can try and perhaps pull it off just like Tom Cruise.

Below Are The 10 Stylish Wayfarer Sunglasses For Women: 

1. Wayfarer Classic Tortoise Collection

The frame of this pair is meant for ladies. The leopard skin type design present on the frame will make you look like cat on a hunt. Best worn during the day time and good for women with thin and narrow face.

2. Shwood Polarized Wooden Frame

This kind of wayfarer gives you the classic look of wayfarer when they were originally created. Yes, undoubtedly these would prove to be a little stronger and unbreakable, this pair can be worn on any occasion but would suit perfectly with casual clothing.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Designer Sunglasses

The Italian company has been in the business for quite some time and they know perfectly the style that women would love to have. The DJ 3215 will be another pair of sunglasses that you would love to have in your collection as they would give you the ‘panache’ feeling. The DJ 3215 series has a vast collection and having at least 1 would be mandatory for all you ladies.

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4. Warby Parker

Looking to travel and carry only one pair of sunglasses, then these would just b perfect for the same. The plastic frame provides strength to the glasses so that it may be carried with you anywhere without being damaged or broken for the same. The best part about the same is that it can be worn with any outfit, casual or suited up whatsoever.

5. Electric Wayfarers

If you are considering something unique and different then the grey green colored combination of these sunglasses will do it. Your collection will look spicy with such an addition as the grey and green combination would help you getting the attention thereby offering a chance for you to make a statement.

6. Polaroid Eyewear

Another must have pair of sunglasses to your collection which must be added are the Polaroid Eyewear series. The blue sunglasses are often complemented in the summers where cool clothing calls for. Therefore, having such a pair of glasses will give you the extra bit required and would act as a good accompaniment with the summer collection in your wardrobe.

7. Classic Club-Master

Ray Ban has been astonishing when it comes to designing the sunglasses for both men and women. The Ray Ban Club-Master is no different. Can be worn by both men and women, these offer a great orthodox look while being present in the modern times. Beware about the brittle nature of the glasses, but will help you pull off a great evening with formal clothing.

8. Tom’s ‘Luisa’ Amber Ale Sunglasses

Getting out in the sun can be troublesome but at least if you are wearing this pair of sunglasses then surely, the heat will be reduced with the amount of attraction you receive from others. Stylish and classic in nature, these sunglasses are made for women only and don’t hesitate while you wear them in a party; after all gorgeous people look sexy and everyone wants to be like you.

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9. DIDI A Monster Sunglasses

Women looking to have some free spree time and hanging out on a sunny day, pay attention to the pair discussed here. The Gentle Monster Retro sunglasses is a mixture of both round and wayfarer forming it to be a little cat eye frame, something that the women love to wear. A brand name along with the great design is all you seek.

10. Jonathan Adler Women’s Sunglasses

The navy blue color of such sunglasses will give you a moderate look, not so fancy and that’s where you plunge and make your mark. Fancy wearing some dresses on a sunny day, these sunglasses will give you the elite look that you look forward to having thereby tending towards a more formal side.

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