10 Ways To Tie Skinny Scarfs

Skinny Scarf has more ornamental value than its practical usage. It has no use in cold. But it completes the dress-up. It has versatile usage in fashion trends. There are various scarves are available in different style, different colours with different prints. These scarves look good with proper dresses.

Here Are 10 Ways To Tie Skinny Scarfs:

1. Over One Shoulder

You can tie the scarf casually over one shoulder. Wear a minimal slip dress and wrapped the scarf around the neck. Casually hang the scarf over your one shoulder. That’s the style statement. This casual approach will change your look instantly. The dress can be long up to the knee. You can just hang the scarf ends of the neck coolly. It will flourish your careless concept of fashion.

Over One Shoulder

2. Tie From The Back

Use the scarf as the necklace. Wrap your neck a couple of times with the smooth satin scarf smoothly. Knot it from the back. Using it as the neckless is the style. A colourful short top and jeans will look much better with this ribbon type scarf. Remember to throw its ends from the back. Choose the colour of the scarf bright like red, green, blue.

Tie from the Back

3. Knot Close To Your Neck

You can wear the scarf casually and make a loose knot from the front. The fabric will be sheer and the ends will be uneven. It will just be on the front side of the dress or top. Make it casual. This is for a casual look. When you are wearing black jeans, white top and black designer jacket with the knee boots and hat, it demands a tiger skin type or leopard skin type scarf.

Knot Close to Your Neck

4. Part Of Formal Wear

The skinny scarf is mostly used with the casual dress up, but you can wear it with a formal dress in a formal occasion. Wear a peplum cocktail dress and pair with a black satin scarf. It will enhance the formal look. Karlie Kloss made this style on the red carpet. Obviously she was looking fabulous. You can also try it in your office. Pair it with a nice office dress.

Part of Formal Wear

5. Match It With Vintage Fashion

If you love to wear vintage style then try with this scarf. It is a remnant from the 70’s fashion trends. You can wear a white sheer top with skinny straight jeans and boots with a large tiger print overcoat and the skinny scarf. The coat is the mark of vintage style fashion. Then the black scarf just increases the glamour of your dress up as well as yours.

Match it with Vintage Fashion

6. Pair It With Tie-Neck Blouse

You can wear the scarf on the beautiful turtle-neck blouse. Make a cute bow on the blouse neck. You can wear a short skirt and ankle boots or high heels. The scarf will create a new kind of fashion statement. You can also try this bow design with some sheer top or with a neck length dress. But the bow styled scarf should match with the dress. It is very important.

Pair it with Tie-Neck Blouse

7. Wrapping One End Around The Neck

This style is perfect for an evening wear. Take a same colour scarf like your evening dress wraps it around your neck like the winter scarf. This style will spare you to wear a necklace. You can try this concept in office or party. It is a very formal look but with the great style.

Wrapping One End around the Neck

8. Use It With The Formal Wear

Wear a blue long shirt and skinny jeans with the knee boots. Wear the scarf like a winter scarf just one knot and the scarf will be on the front area of the shirt. The colour should be light like white. It will definitely enhance your formal look. The ends can be asymmetrical and its end will be above your waist.

Use it with the Formal Wear

9. Scarf With The Blazer

If you love to wear blazer then pair it with a casual polka dots design scarf. Wear a black blazer for your office and then style it up with the skinny polka dots scarf. Tie the knot a little bit low from the neck near your chest and should be loose. Keep its end inside the blazer. That is the style.

Scarf with the Blazer

10. Cross The Ends Around You

Wear a long skinny scarf on your neck and keep the ends at your back. But make it around you with a design. That is why you should choose the scarf according to the dress colour. The scarf will around you beautifully so that the scarf works as a different design on the dress. You can try it in different ways.

Cross the Ends around You