10 Winter Body Care Tips For Cracked And Painful Skin

With the dip in mercury level, problems related to skin touch their all time high. Let’s face it; winter is no good time for skin since all types of skin has its own share of sufferings at the hands of a season best known for having low humidity and dry air. As a matter of fact it won’t be hyperbolic to say that cracked skin causes excruciating pain and it looks horrible to say the least in case you don’t treat them with winter essentials. Winter body care is all about using certain commonly available items and also those are neatly developed to give best results.

Instead of going for measures to enhance the skin condition, it is always wise to literally lock the skin’s natural mineral components that can keep your skin hydrated all through. Hence, we bring you 10 winter body care tips for cracked and painful skin that works in this direction.

Below Are The Winter Body Care Tips For Cracked And Painful Skin:

1. Moisturize

One can’t stress enough about the vitality and the importance of moisturizing the skin well during winters. It is the best way to get away from the awful dryness felt after taking a shower. Therefore spare no time to moisture your skin well with any cream or oil. In another words, you need to clean the road for a smooth ride.


2. Exfoliation

Make no mistake, exfoliation is necessary in winters as well. It’s a process that precedes the process in which you moisturize your skin. Exfoliating your skin with an exfoliating mask helps to better absorb the moisture in skin. There are several exfoliating body washes available in stores that have been classified based on skin types. Go grab one that suits you!


3. Lukewarm Water

Due to dust particles that are on rise in winters, your skin takes a hit deep within. Hence, it is always a good idea to use lukewarm water for bath and face wash. The benefit of foot bath using hot water is that it softens the hard skin which causes painful heels due to cracks. For having a deep cleaning foot bath, add a tablespoon of salt in lukewarm water for better results.

Lukewarm Water

4. Overnight Moisturize

Before you tuck yourself in your, do your skin a favor by applying cream and other moisturizing agents to counter cracked and painful skin. With no physical movement at all, night is the best time for cream application on such areas as knees, elbows and heels. Oh right! Don’t forget to wear your socks too.

Overnight Moisturize

5. Drink Lots Of Water

Yes it’s not summer season but you need to gulp water anyway. The reason; loss of fluid in summer is caused by vehement heat but it is worse in winters because we usually don’t provide enough water and fluids to hydrate the skin. The result; cracked and painful skin. Therefore drink water aplenty evening during winters to provide hydration to skin from the inside.

Drink Lots Of Water

6. Petroleum Jelly

The most able and reliable lieutenant against cracked and painful skin woes. Need we say more? Though petroleum jelly is chemically processed, it boasts near cent percent record in regards to countering painful skin and suiting all skin types. The greasy textured jelly packed in a small jar must find a place in your handbags. And deservedly so!

Petroleum Jelly

7. Glycerin

For years now, glycerin is the undisputed winner as the first greasy product that is added to lukewarm water by many. Extremely neutral to skin, foot bath with glycerin added lukewarm water makes your cracked skin heal quickly.

Glycerin Moisturizer

8. Oil Massage

Even in this age of generic products, some still resort to old ways to deal with cracked skin that causes pain. Olive and coconut oil massage is second to none to soften the skin and thanks to its availability, skin is in for some relief. Whether you oil your body before or after shower, the results stay the same.

Oil Massage

9. Shea Butter

For severe cracks and dryness, there is rarely any alternative of shea butter to be found. Shea butter is super rich in natural minerals too that makes skin nourishment the very best for dry skin.

Shea Butter

10. Clean Winter Wear

Don’t make it personal but those pair of sock or the gloves you so frequently wear need to be looked into for cleanliness every now and again. The dust gathered in sock and gloves spells havoc to the skin and causes damage to the point that the skin develops cracks that causes pain. Therefore be kind to your skin and wash your woolens well before prolonged use.

Clean Winter Wear