10 Workouts For A Firmer Bust

The breasts are normally fatty tissues collected just above the pectoral muscles (Pectoralis Major and Pectoralis Minor) and many other smaller muscles. These muscles since below the breasts and situated on the breastbone, connects the humerus i.e. the arm bone closest to your shoulder joint. Thus this area plays an important role in helping your shoulders come forward and arms to close in whenever required. With time and age, the breasts start to droop down which could look unwanted. Thus certain exercises are there to avoid such a situation from happening and they are mentioned below as the following which in result causes firmer bust. These exercises mainly target your upper, middle and lower chest areas.

Below Are The 10 Workouts For A Firmer Bust:

1. Push Ups

One all –in-one exercise as it works out the chest completely along with shoulders, back and core muscles. The more it is done, the better is the balance of the body in totality. Simply lie on your chest and lift your upper body with the help of your arms. To switch it to a harder level, then try the same with a stability ball.

2. Bench Press

Lie down on a stability ball with your knees perpendicular to the floor. Hold the dumbbells in your both the hands and stretch the arms upwards in a 90-degree angle. This helps your triceps along with the chest muscles. The stability ball helps in gaining more body balance and co-ordination.

3. Triceps Dips

Sit on a bench supported by your hands with your legs stretched in front. Now slowly lower your body and then again rise again. Although this exercise mainly focuses on your triceps, it works out the pecs effectively as well. The shoulders too are worked out and therefore will be great to tone the arms and chest altogether.

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4. The T-Plank

The T-Plank can help you not only strengthen the belly, it also works tough on arms, chest, glutes, back and legs too. Get on to the same position as that of a pushup but here raise your one arm completely to form a slanted T and remain in that position for 10 seconds. Repeat the same with the other arm in reps of 5. Using weights while doing the same can help you tighten your muscles even sooner.

5. Dumbbell Fly

Perhaps one of the best exercises to firm your chest region. Lie face up towards the sky and keep your hands close to your shoulder with your arms slightly bent. Now spread the same slowly so as to balance the weights and repeat the same. This works out your upper chest, shoulders and your arms quite effectively.

6. Wall Pressure

Stand close to a wall and apply pressure with both your hands as if you are trying to move the wall. After an interval of 10 seconds remove of the entire load by shaking your legs and arms and repeat the same after the relaxation interval. This exercise helps you plump your breasts by targeting the chest and pectoral muscles which in return help to support the breasts.

7. Burpees

One from the cross-fit genre. Take a push-up, jump your legs in front with your hands still on the ground and now jump in the air as high as possible. Once you land, place your hands on the ground, throw your legs back, take a pushup and repeat. Repeat 4-5 sets of same for a period of 30 seconds as it works out the pelvic, arms and the shoulders efficiently.

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8. Ball Pushup

Keep a stability ball under one hand at a time and now do a pushup. It may look easy but it with pressure added by the stability ball, it helps in strengthening the arms and the shoulders primarily. Furthermore, this exercise helps in increasing the body balance and core stability.

9. Cable Chest/Fly

For this you will need to hit the gym for this can be only done with a cable machine. Select a weight and with heads up, pull the cables inwards and hold the same for about 3 seconds. Help the cables to return to the machine slowly and this exercise overall is a complete one for muscle strength & growth in the lower chest area.

10. Basketball Pullover

Hold a basketball in your both the hands or a ball around that size in the air while lying with your face up and slowly lower the ball behind your head keeping in mind that your elbows have to be bent in all this while. The muscles in the chest are already worked and with the weight of the ball, the resistance power of the same also gets effective training.

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