11 Best Green Shakes For Weight Loss

The problem of overweight is the most common health related concern among men, women and even kids of the modernized world and it has targeted almost 35% of total world’s population at present time. Consumption of extra fats in a diet is a major cause for obesity which increases day by day with increase of hunger in the body of its victim. Obese people finds it very difficult to attain weight loss as they didn’t have time as well as utmost energy to do exercises and follow any specific weight loss regimen. But, if you want to attain weight loss then it is very necessary for you to intake diets which are appetite suppressor and healthy for you. Smoothies like green shakes can keep you healthy and will fulfill your desire for eating more which in turn will aid you to achieve weight loss. Following are some special green shakes smoothies which will definitely help you in losing your weight considerably.

Here Are The 11 Best Green Shakes For Weight Loss:

1. Spinach Orange Shake

Green shake made from spinach and orange offers delicious taste and utmost energy to its consumer. You only need to make a juice of peeled oranges and a few leaves of raw spinach followed by adding sugar as per for your taste. You can also add banana to your shake for making your drink healthy and much tasty.

2. Matcha Pear Green Protein Shake

This is another delicious hot green protein shake for weight loss. The finely ground powder of this green tea offers caffeine for taste and protein powder used in this smoothie keeps you refreshed and energetic for a long time.

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3. Kale Orange Protein Shake

This is a good healthy protein shake for obese guy which reduces excess of fats from the body and keep you refreshed in a single sip. This shake contains around 30 grams of protein while oranges and kale offers high Vitamin C to its consumer’s body which in turn reduces their body fats comfortably.

4. Orange Ginger Green Shake

This healthy drink is generally made from 5 types of healthy ingredients viz. oranges, banana, romaine, ginger and spinach. For making this green shake, firstly you need to blend romaine and banana followed by addition of ginger, oranges and banana to your shake.

5. Blueberry Mint Green Shake

This is a very healthy green shake which made from healthy antioxidants rich delicious nutrients like rich blueberries and mint. This green shake is a rich source of essential vitamins like vitamin C and Vitamin K along with fiber and manganese. You must drink this shake for desirable result in weight loss.

6. Spring Detox Green Smoothie

It is a fabulous smoothie which is made from a mixture of sweet flavors and savory. You need to blend kale, honey, pineapple and cilantro for making this green shake and receiving other health benefits from it.

7. Flax And Oats Smoothie

If you’re a lover of hot beverages then green shakes made from oats and flax will give you best amount of energy. You can make this shake with high amount of raw rolled oats and you can add extra crunch to your recite by adding some homemade granola to your shake.

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8. Honeydew Mint Shake

This is a healthy drink for weight loss which you can prepare at your home easily by mixing mint leaves, coconut milk, melon and honey this energy drink is a good solution to attain fast weight loss if it is followed with regular workouts.

9. Kale Pine Avocado Shake

This is an ultimate green shake which is made from blend of kale and sweetness of pineapple which offers delicious taste to its consumer. Avocado offers high amount of energy. You can also add different types of veggies in this smoothie to make this drink more healthy and supportive to weight loss.

10. Happy Green Monster Shake

It is also a very healthy pear based green shake to attain weight loss at a fast speed. Combination of pear and coconut water in this green shake is very helpful in proper functioning of body’s metabolism and efficient working of muscles. This is a delicious green shake which you can easily prepare at your home by blending and mixing banana, spinach, kale and other fiber rich compound which keeps the digestion easy and suppresses appetite by giving a feeling of fullerenes on its single sip.

11. Peachy Green Protein Smoothie

This is an ideal protein green shake for weight loss which is advised to be consumed during breakfast time with some snacks. Sweetness of peaches and pineapple gives maximum satisfaction to hunger desire in a single sip thereby helping in lowering stored fats from the body.

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