11 Folic Acid Rich Foods And Their Benefits

Folic acid, folate or Vitamin b9, whatever you call it, is an exceptionally important vitamin that the body demands on a daily basis. Being a Vitamin, the body is unable to produce this everyday well being vitamin by itself. It counts on external food sources to make up for its needs of folate for proper cell functioning. Folic acid deficiency can lead to improper cell functioning and formation, since it is the key component that cannot be replaced by any other, especially because it augments the synthesis and repair of DNA as well as blood cells itself. For your overall well being, and also to keep a bay from blood related disorders like anaemia, we have listed 11 must eat folic acid rich foods that can do wonders for your health.

1. Spinach

Coupled with near around 194 microgram folic acid per 100 gram, spinach is a power packed food that can very much guard the body against serious heart disorders. This is because, folic acid in spinach is an arterial cleansing and detoxifying agent. Thus, it keeps the valves and heart blood vessels clear of homocysteine. Being bestowed with such high traces of unadulterated folic acid, a highly capable antioxidant of the phytochemical class, spinach is a must eat food for expecting mothers. This is because, having the power to control, regular, repair and form DNA, folate can actually guard the foetus in the womb by shielding it from genetic and birth defects.

2. Broccoli

Having the capacity to cater the body with 63 microgram folic acid per 100 gram, broccoli is one of those rare super foods that can guard you against various kinds of malignant as well as non malignant cancers. Majorly because, folic acid keeps a nab over cell behaviour. It doesn’t let the cells to grow in erratic manner by monitoring and controlling any abnormal symptoms in the DNA. Thereby, it can control and combat abrupt division of cells.[2] Vitamin C and A add to this cancer combating power of folic acid in broccoli.

3. Beetroot

This underdog food replenishes the body with 109 microgram folic acid. This helps the bone marrow to multiply the number of blood cells to help the body against anaemia. Also, being able to help the body control and lower down the release of homocysteine, it keeps the heart healthy.

4. Grapefruit

This superdelicious multi beneficial food contains about 10 microgram folic acid per 100 gram in its pulp. It has the rare quality to keep a keen control over the hematocrit level of the body. Increased hematocrit level can lead to the production and supplement of more than required blood cells, dragging the body down to threatening level of dehydration. And any less amount can expose the body to anaemia, heart diseases and fatigue. Which is why, grapefruit should be your essential everyday food companion.

5. Wheat Germ

Wheat germ splashes the body with healthy amounts of 352 microgram folic acid per 100 gram. It is a powerful food source that not just removes homocysteine from the blood, guarding the heart against threatening disorders. But due to high folic acid, it also keeps brain cells healthy. This reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease or what you call dementia. Needless to say, it keeps full control over not just cell formation, but also its growth, division and multiplication.

6. Avocado

Bulked with 81 microgram folic acid per 100 gram, avocados ensure overall health well being. This wonder food ensures there be no abnormal cell behaviour in developing embryos, lowering any chances of birth disorders. It certainly helps the heart stay stronger against disorders like cardiac arrests, high blood pressure and sudden heart attack. Also, this miracle food, puts an end to high risk of cervical cancer.

7. Chickpeas

This believed-to-be a native middle east food is infused with exact 172 microgram folic acid per 100 gram. Enjoying such high and pure doses of folate, chickpea is a strongly recommended food for pregnant women. It ensures that the developing child has normal brain and spinal chord cells, ensuring that the mental growth of the child stays normal. Nonetheless, it also monitors cholesterol and glucose level in blood, reducing the threat of further heart problems and diabetes.

8. Okra

Okra, lady finger, okro, whatever you call it, is bundled with 60 microgram folic acid per 100 gram. Which is why, it keeps the still developing embryo away from the risk of spina bifida. Spina bifida can result in improper growth of spinach cord of the child, while it is in the womb. It leads to paralysis by birth. It is for this reason that you must eat okra in pregnancy daily.

9. Asparagus

Other than been bulked with abundant minerals, Asparagus is also loaded with 52 microgram folic acid per 100 gram. In other words, 6 stems of asparagus can fill your body with the goodness and richness of 135 microgram folic acid. It is a simple no brainer that being accompanied with so much folic acid, Asparagus can guard you against cancer, heart problems and cholesterol issues.

10. Strawberry

This bright red juicy and pulpy fruit comes in handy for health, since it is bulked with 24 microgram folic acid per 100 gram of serving. They are ideal for pregnant ladies to be consumed daily during the entire 9 month span. This ensures that the growing embryo is having a proper mental and physical growth. Besides embryo safety against by birth problems, folic acid in strawberries, in general, keep the body filled with adequate red blood cells. Also, by ensuring proper digestion and metabolism of external protein, it cushions the heart against homocysteine formation and accumulation.

11. Papaya

100 gram Papaya can shower the body with 38 microgram folic acid on a daily basis. It is one such food item that not just increases the blood cell count in the body to ensure there’s no risk of anaemia or disbalance in hematocrit level, it also ensures that blood carrying vessels do not burst or rupture. It does so by bringing into play folic acid to hamper the breakdown of external protein into blood vessel rupturing amino acid, homocysteine.

The above listed 11 folic acid foods are your best health companions that can certainly prolong your life by keeping you cushioned against diseases. You must include them in your diet, especially if you are anaemic, pregnant or a heart patient.