11 Makeup Tricks For Women With Glasses

There are many beauty struggles which will be experienced by those women who wear glasses. Most of the women are giving utmost importance to make-up now days. But those women who wear glasses throughout the day find it difficult in maintaining make-up. Therefore, they lack the self-confidence because of not wearing make-up. If you are one among them, do not worry, you have landed on the right page. Here in this article we are sharing some valuable tips for those women who wear glasses throughout the day. Check it out.

Here Are The 11 Makeup Tricks For Women With Glasses:

1. Use Bronzer Or Lighter:

The first step you have to take in order to enhance your beauty is using either bronzer or lighter foundation. This should be considered because the glasses you wear sometimes spread shadows on the eyes. Therefore, using lighter foundation on your skin prevents such problem. Apply lighter foundation on the skin under your eyes and around your nose. This tip works greatly in bringing your beauty to new level. You can also use bronzer. You can apply bronzer on the sides of the nose and cheekbones. Apply bronzer to the top of forehead as well. This tip too works greatly in highlighting your facial features than your eye glasses.

2. Highlight Either Eyes Or Lips:

Highlight either your lips or eyes always when you wear make-up. If you want to highlight both of them, it would be difficult task for those women who wear glasses. Highlighting either lips or eyes does not mean that you should apply make-up to any one of them. But you have to lower the make-up to any of them. This tip helps greatly in highlighting overall facial features. So, always try for either highlighting your eyes or lips. Sometimes, you can apply eye shadow. But note that it should be followed by the simple application of lip gloss on your lips. Prefer to highlight either your eyes or lips with make-up.

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3. Shape Your Eye – Brows Accordingly:

All women who wear glasses should prefer to shape eye-brows that suit the glasses very much. Your eye brows shape must be matched with the style and size of your eye glasses. If your glasses are bolder and larger frame, shape your eye brows in a shapely and thinly manner. Similarly, if you have the frames which are thinner, then opt for the shaping of eye-brows that are defined and full suit well. So, always make sure that you keep your eye-brows clean.

4. Apply Eye Shadow:

Many women who wear glasses think that simple make-up to their eyes would be the best. But note that even glasses wearing women can wear make-up for eyes. Try the make-up which is striking and bold for your eyes. You can also try cat eye make-up with liner. Choose very good color for eye-shadow. Always consider the color of glasses when you are going to purchase an eye shadow.

5. Apply Blush:

Glasses wearing women must consider applying blush to their face for natural looks. Blush really aids in highlighting your face. It is best if you use the blush powder. Choose the shade of pink and apply on your cheeks. It makes your face naturally beautiful. Do not forget to keep your lips natural. Because by keeping your lips natural you can highlight your face by applying blush.

6. Highlight Lower Lid:

You can add shimmer to your lower lid if you want to highlight your eyes. The eyes look much bigger than the original appearance to those women who wear glasses. So, the application of shimmer on your lower lid makes your eyes more noticeable. It is one of the advantages of wearing glasses. Through adding shimmer to your lower lid you can look attractive.

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7. Go For Smoky Eyes:

Many women wish to have smoky eyes. But the women who wear glasses simply assume that the smoky eyes are not meant for them. Here we have good news. Even those women who wear glasses can attain smoky eyes. You have to make your eyes visible through eye glasses. This can be achieved with the help of doubling your eye liner. Doubling your eye liner would work successfully for highlighting your eyes.

8. Eyeliner Makes Your Eyes Bigger:

There are also some people who think that the glasses which they wear make their eyes smaller. This is a very infrequent case. But if you are one among them who wish to have big eyes, apply eyeliner around eyes. This trick works greatly in making your eyes bigger when you wear glasses. You can achieve bigger eyes with the application of black pencil liner.

9. Apply Foundation:

Cheekbones get highlighted when you wear glasses. This is another advantage of wearing glasses. So, you can further highlight your cheekbones with the application of highlighter or foundation. Therefore, you can look attractive with your glamour. Apply highlighter or foundation around your cheekbones. This simple step makes your face look thinner.

10. Make Use Of Eyelash Curler:

Generally, the women who wear glasses are scared of wearing mascara. As they think that mascara gets smudged, they are scared of wearing mascara. When the mascara gets smudged it might create untidiness which impacts on your looks. Therefore, most of the women who wear glasses finally choose to avoid mascara as much as possible. Do not worry, here we came with wonderful and safety solution. Make use of eye lash curler with which you can make your eye lashes to look into curly and longer. This is one of the safety tips as well. Make use of eye lash and see the results. You will be amazed.

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11. Use Eye Primer:

Usage of eye primer is recommended for the woman with glasses. As glasses will have some impact on the looks of your eyes, the only thing that is left with you is to highlight your eyes. This can be achieved with the usage of eye liner. Eye primers come to your rescue if you are looking for low maintenance in make-up and can’t spend time frequently for make-up on a day.

These are various beauty tips for the woman who wears glasses. Hope this article is informative and helpful.

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