11 New Ways To Wear Matte Nails

Matte nails have taken over the old shiny, glossy nails. Most of the girls love to show off their matte nail arts. Some girls just put a top coat of matte nail polish and others offset their matte base with high-gloss or art details. There are endless options to design nails with matte nail polish. Despite the fact that matte finish lacks shine, it catches everyone’s attention. If you haven’t tried matte yet and would like to try it, then you have two options to choose from. One is to purchase special matte nail paint and other is to just get a matte top coat. These nail paints have a different way of application than the shiny ones. If not applied well, these nail polishes reflect the streaks, unevenness, and other problems. Whereas, shiny nail polishes hide such issues. Also, matte nail polishes take a longer time to dry than glossy ones. Don’t worry; it is not that hard to apply these nail paints. When applied well, matte shades can add a class to your look.

Check Out These 11 Amazing New Ways To Apply Matte Nail Paints:

1. Glossy Tips

It’s a very easy to get this awesome look. You will have to put tape on your nail tips and apply the matte shade on the rest of your nails. After it dries off well, take out the tape and apply your glossy shade on the tips.

Glossy Tips

2. Monochrome Polka Dots

Monochrome polka dot is a whole new design to give a twist to your matte shades. After applying your matte nail polish, let it dry completely. Now is the time to paint dots with your glossy nail polish of the same color.

Monochrome Polka Dots

3. Chrome Plus Matte

You can also add a higher contrast to your matte shade. Adding chrome tape is a great option. Like you apply a tape on your tips and take it off from after nail paint applied on nails dries, you need to apply a chrome tape on your nail tips, apply matte on your nails, and never take out the tape.

Chrome Plus Matte

4. Konad Stamping

This is another way to wear matte nail paint. Apply your matte nail polish neatly and then do the konad stamping on your nails. You can use contrast konads or of the same color as well. This is easy yet one of the trendiest ways to wear matte shades.

Konad stamping

5. Marble Matte

If you don’t like those tie-n-died nails, then you’ll surely like these marble matte nails. To get this look, you can simply dip your paintbrush in a nail polish remover and blur the edges gently. Now apply the matte top coat for finishing.

Marble Matte

6. Glitter Polish

Glitter cannot only be associated with shine; it goes with matte as well. To get this look you need to apply a matte shade over your glitter nail paint. Glitter and matte together give your nails a special kick and make them look completely unique.

Glitter polish

7. Embellished Flowers

This is a great way to flaunt your matte shades. To get this look, you will need a regular nail polish, matte shade and embellishments. Apply a matte base and paint flower petals with regular nail polish after matte coat dries well. Now fix the crystals with glue where ever required.

Embellished Flowers

8. Matte Pastels

Instead of painting your nails with matte completely, you can apply pastels of matte. This is one of the best ways to present your color spectrum. Matte pastels are not only new but also a unique way of wearing matte shades.

Matte Pastels

9. Matte Neon

Neon shades are the most attractive shades in nail paints. Neon shades in matte nail paints look amazing. You can simply apply the neon matte shades or can also add textures to them to give it a new twist.

Matte Pastels

10. Graphic Matte

Graphic matte designs look beautiful on nails. To get this look, apply a tape over you half moons in a triangular shape. Now paint your nails with matte shade neatly and let it dry completely. After the paint dries off, take a thin paint brush and do the linear details.

Matte Neon

11. Ombre Matte

Ombre matte is a new way to color your nails. To get this look, you will have to paint your nails with a white or nude base. Let this dry off nicely. Now you need to take a makeup sponge and apply fine lines of your matte shades over it. Next step is to put the sponge on your nails and press down.

Graphic Matte

Matte look is the new trend most of the females following these days. These matte colors can be worn in any occasion being is causal or formal. So ladies! try them out and flaunt.