11 Wonderful Style Tips For Tall Women

Just because you are a tall woman, this factor alone is enough to attract people’s attention. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for you to make sure you are wearing the right outfit with perfect combination of accessories. The following tips will guide you on how to look stylish in your tall figure.

Below Are The 11 Wonderful Style Tips For Tall Women:

1. Try Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses look great on tall figures provided they have the correct length. They should neither be too long or too short. The maxi dress that reaches your ankle and fits perfectly at your waist will make you look fabulous.

2. Wear Capris With Shapely Tops

Unlike women with short or plus size figure, you should have no problems in wearing capris. The problem with capris is that they make a short woman look much shorter. But, since you already have a tall figure, it will make you look more beautiful, especially when you combine capris with shapely tops.

3. Wear Heels

When it comes to footwear, flats are the most common choice among tall women, but if you want to look more stylish, do not fear heels. Footwear with shaped heels like kitten heels will make your personality more elegant, gorgeous and confident.

4. Use Large Accessories

Small accessories on your tall figure will make you look odd. Large accessories will make you look more stylish and confident. So, consider wearing thick arm bangles or carrying a large purse bag. For example, wearing jeans, a tank top and a big bag can be a good style combination for you. Likewise, wearing a thick belt with a shift dress will also look great. Since you are tall, you probably have long arms too. If yes, you can even experiment with big bracelets as well. However, at the same time, make sure you do not overdo anything. Just one big accessory with one outfit is perfect. Too many large accessories will make you look odd.

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5. Show Off One Area At A Time

If you are showing too much skin, it will look skanky on your tall figure. So, you have to be very careful. If you must show, focus on one area at a time. For example, if you are wearing a top that shows off a big part of your back skin, make sure you cover your legs completely, such as by wearing jeans or a long skirt. Showing off more than that would be a fashion disaster.

6. Show Off Your Neckline

Since you are tall, you also have an attractive long neckline. Make the best use of the same. No matter what you wear, highlighting your neck will add more to your beauty and elegance. For example, if you are going out for a night out party, a great idea would be to wear a long chunky necklace with large earrings while keeping your hair pulled back.

7. Jacket With Tucked-In Tops

If you like to have your top tucked in, make sure you combine it with a longer jacket that fits your shape. Tucked in tops without jacket or blazer will not go well with your tall figure.

8. Wear Three Quarter Bell Sleeves

If you do not tuck in your tops, you do not need a jacket. Just make sure its length reaches over your bottoms. Also, if it has three quarter bell sleeves, it will make you look more attractive. Bell sleeve tops with jeans or shorts always go well with a tall personality. Such sleeves give extra shape to your beautiful arms.

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9. Skirt Or Trouser?

A tall woman’s torso is usually longer than her legs. If that is the case with you also, you can balance out your figure quite stylishly by wearing a high-waist skirt that reaches just above the knees. But, in case your legs are longer than your torso, wearing a longline top over trousers would make you look more attractive.

10. Try Jumpsuits

Wearing jumpsuits can also be a great idea to look gorgeous with your tall figure. The best jumpsuits for you are the ones that come with a lower neckline because that way it will create a balance with your nice long legs.

11. Avoid These Fashion Disasters

Turtle neck t-shirts, cropped tops, straight dress and formless three-quarter length jackets will never look good on your tall, gorgeous figure. So, avoid these fashion disasters. Also, Avoid super low rise jeans at all costs because they will not fit and flatter your tall figure.

Last, but not the least, you must keep in mind that your height itself is a great fashion accessory for you. Therefore, do not use too many accessories. For example, scarves, hats, bracelets, belts and necklaces – piling on everything will actually go against you. So, if you have a tall figure, you should always try to be a minimalist.

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