12 Chic Little Black Dress Styles For Different Occasions

There is something about little black dresses that takes the breath away of every man. Little black dresses are one of the most handy items in the wardrobe of any woman because there are various and versatile ways of wearing the same. If you think that you have too many of black dresses think again because this is something that you really cannot get enough of.

Here Are Some Ways To Wear These Dresses In Style:

1. Cottony Summery

If you are looking for something that is casual and summery then wear a sleeveless black dress in either knee length or above the knees. The idea here is to pick fabrics that is cotton or summery enough for the hot humid months. Complete the look with a fedora hat and some accessories.

Cottony Summery

2. Formal LBD

The formal LBD is all about keeping the length safe – usually around the knees and sticking to A-line cuts rather than something that clings to the body. This is the best dress type that you can sport during office hours and if you want to take it through the evening, just add some flashy accessories.

Formal LBD

3. Long LBD

Let the little black dress go a little longer this season as maxi and midi dresses make a come back. So here you can pick a flowy dress number that suits the length you like and sport it in style. Think of flowy fabrics here like georgette or chiffon.

Long LBD

4. Colour Block LBD

A colour block LBD is all about offering comfort and yet being a little peppier from your office wear dress. So a LBD with some colour around the neck or sleeves works really well here. Colour blocking is all about derating a little more contrast and peppiness in the dress. So there is just a dash of colour but not too much.

Colour Block LBD

5. Draped Boatneck LBD

Let there be a little more glamour around your little black dress with a draped neck. What the draped neck does here is that it gives you some room to reveal your neckline without really showing too much. You can choose a drape style that meets your requirement and accessorise with neckpieces to highlight the same.

Draped Boatneck LBD

6. Sheath LBD

A sheath black dress again scores really well and is ideal for women who have the perfect figure. Sheath dress tends to cling at all the right places so if you want to add a bit of glamor here, you can pick something that is more convenient like a peplum style or something that gives you more room around the waist or hips.

Sheath LBD

7. Lace Black Dress

This is a style that is elegant and really works well for all kinds of LBD. Basically the lace type black dresses are highly recommended for formal occasions as they bring out your feminine style. You can also go a little casual here with some laser cut cotton styles. Lace dresses in black can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric. You can also go a little flowy here on the fabric or stick to sheath dress styles.

Lace Black Dress

8. Knitted LBD

Knitted or the jersey style of LBD is perfect for casual occasions or even for a night out with the girls. Again the jersey style is something that sticks to the body so don it only if you have the figure. An alternative here would be to carry a long shrug or jacket to cover up the areas you want to avoid getting attention to. This includes the butts and thighs for heavier women.

Knitted LBD

9. Skater Black Dress

The little black dress gets a new avatar with the skater dress style. Here you can go shorter on the length and enjoy the benefit of the cool and chic skater dress in black. With skater dresses, you can experiment with different styles think flared, snug, pencil-fit, etc.

Skater Black Dress

10. Halter Neck LBD

If you have nice shoulders to flaunt, then the halter neck LBD style is something that you should definitely check out. It gives you enough support to keep the dress just in place while revealing your slender and sleek shoulders. You can go as deep on the back as you want here.

Halter Neck LBD

11. Off Shoulder LBD/ Tube Dress

The tube dress in black is a cute version of the LBD and is perfect for clubbing and partying. It works best on the petite styles and needs a some extra management around the chest area, considering it is off shoulder. But nevertheless, it looks hot.

Off Shoulder LBD Tube Dress

12. High Neck/ Turtle Neck LBD

A turtle or high neck LBD is a great option for the winter season or for the conservative dresser. You can go sleeveless here or pick something with long or short sleeves. Opt for A-line styles here if you are pear shaped or stick to pencil or sheath styles if you have an hourglass figure.

High Neck