12 Ways To Get Rid Of Stomach Bulge

Stomach bulge is a problem that a lot of women face, especially because of the combination of fat in all the wrong areas including the abs, your obliques, love handles, etc. All of this combines to give you a bigger waist circumference that means a higher BMI. It also means that you have trouble in putting on your favourite clothes. However, there are some simple remedies to actually reduce this bulge with healthy exercises, eating and also lifestyle.

Here Are The 12 Ways To Get Rid Of Stomach Bulge:

1. Drink 10-12 Glasses Of Water

Often the inherent cause of stomach bulge is not drinking enough water, which leads to bloating around the area. Drinking a lot of water right through the day helps in reducing your swollen or bloated tummy issues because of water weight. It flushes out toxins and gives your metabolic rate a boost too.

2. Avoid Processed And Packed Foods

If you are eating a lot of processed foods starting from pasta or canned beans to packed fruit juices, then you are also packing in a lot of sodium and other preservatives along with added sugars. The issue here is that all of these ingredients are known for accumulating fat along your stomach area, leading to stomach bulge. You should also avoid white flour that is not easy to break down by the body.

3. Avoid Slouching As It Adds To Stomach Bulge

Once your body is used to getting a lot of fat along the stomach region, it automatically stops maintaining good posture. Instead of sucking in your stomach, you are always exhaling more, which means that eventually your bulge tends to look or appear much bigger than it actually is. This holds true for women who had a baby recently or even a c-section. Stand straight with stomach sucked in.

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4. Consult Doctor Irregular Menstrual Cycle Causes Bulge

Often the cause of a stomach bulge is poor or irregular menstrual cycles. What happens here is that women suffer from uterine issues where the lining is not shed as it should along the monthly cycle. This leads to bloating and also accumulation of fluids around the uterine area, thus leading to stomach bulge. If you are not regular with your periods, consult a doctor for the same.

5. Eat More Of Simple Carbs

Think about having more of simple carbs and natural carbs, which include healthy options like sweet potatoes, whole wheat, barely and other ingredients. Basically these are carbs that are easy to break down and don’t tend to accumulate along the stomach.

6. Eat Lots Of Fibre

Fibre in any form is good for your system and flushing out toxins from your stomach area. Stomach bulge is often attributed to poor eating habits and lack of digestive juices. Having more of fibre from veggies, fruits, oats and other sources ensures that you are able to break down the same. Include some form of fibre in every meal that you have.

7. Do 20-25 minutes Of Cardio Daily

Cardio is an essential part of losing fat from the stomach area. 10-15 minutes of cardio on a daily basis is highly recommended 4-5 days a week. You can do either walking, swimming, running or any other kind of cardio that you enjoy. It could also be a sport that you like.

8. Add Strength Training

Remember that the bulge from your tummy will not really go till you don’t do strength training. This is very essential because doing strength training helps in building your core and muscles. It is possible that initially you would have some muscle weight but as your core improves you are able to shed off more weight and lose stomach bulge and get a better shape too.

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9. Start Eating Smaller Meals

Instead of having bigger or just 3 meals a day, have more of smaller but sensible meals through the day. This gives your metabolism a boost and also ensures that you are burning more fat through the day.

10. Avoid Sitting For Long

Prolonged sitting is also attributed to excessive fat deposit on the stomach. Ideally get up every 40-45 minutes when sitting. Also, when sitting try to suck in your stomach muscles and hold. This helps to add strength to your core and get rid of stomach bulge.

11. Try to Be Active

Try to maintain a healthier lifestyle by being active. Walk when possible or go down the stairs or simply incorporate some kind of physically exerting activity other than your regular exercise schedule. It could be a walk or even doing some cleaning around the house.

12. Say No To Alcohol

Alcohol, especially beer is known for leading to a stomach pouch or stomach bulge, what happens here is that you get a beer belly that makes getting rid of fat even more difficult. If you must, then stick to an occasional glass of wine.

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