13 Body Butters For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Body butter are a much thicker version of creams and lotions that are usually found in the market place and as the name suggests these are made using butter or thicker forms of naturally sourced creams. Made from pure extracts, these body butters ensure that your body gets ample hydration and thus leaves it smooth and gorgeous looking. Now these are heavier than your everyday lotion so might be a little greasy – but if you chose the right one, it can be used all year through for healthy and glowing skin.

Here Are The 13 Body Butters For Healthy And Glowing Skin:

1. Lavender Body Butter For Relaxing Skin

This is a relaxing body butter, which is made using essential oils of the lavender along with having a calming and soothing impact on the mind. This is a body butter best used at night because it helps in soothing the senses and helps your skin relax. Apply before you go to bed for subtle hydration.

2. Shea Body Butter For Deep Moisturising

If you are suffering from extreme dry skin woes or live in a dry climate, then this is the perfect body butter for you. It can be used on its own and has a very light fragrance, thus it will not really be very overwhelming for you. Apply right after bath so your skin absorbs it faster.

3. Cocoa Body Butter For Nourishment

Made and sourced from cocoa, this form of body butter is again more suited for women with dryer skin types. It contains the rich goodness of chocolate that is ideally suited for nourishing and replenishing the skin. It repairs deep damage and reaches through the layers of your skin to provide rich nourishment. Not suggested for summer months if you have very oil skin.

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4. Moroccan Oil Body Butter For Glowing Skin

Another rich and moisturising body butter this is made using aragon oil, which is known for being rich in omega 3 fatty acids and is laden with nutrients too. It is mixed up with shea or other butter forms to get you a creamy and rich texture.

5. Lemon Body Butter For Summer Months

If you are looking for a lighter body butter for the warm summer months then lemon based body butters are best suited for you. They will provide your skin with enough hydration but not really make it very greasy or be intense.

6. Strawberry Body Butter For Hydration

Another amazing ingredient to get healthy and glowing skin. Made using pure strawberry extracts, this is a lighter body butter, which is again ideal for warmer months. It has a subtle fragrance of strawberry and is rich in antioxidants and other vitamins to replenish your skin and rejuvenate the senses.

7. Brazilian Nut Body Butter For Intensive Repair

Women who suffer form chronic skin dryness would love the Brazilian nut body butter. As the name suggests, it is sourced and made from Brazilian nuts that are loaded with the goodness of omega 3 fatty acids and other healthy fats. It is ideal for getting rid of stretch marks and also provides replenishment to the skin.

8. Orange Body Butter For Normal Skin

This is a vitamin C rich body butter that is light in texture and not really that heavy. It is perfect for the transition months of winter to summer or vice versa. This contains citrus extracts from the orange fruit that make it easy and smooth to apply and is ideally suited for the normal skin types.

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9. Tea Tree Oil Body Butter For Sensitive Skin

If you suffer from skin rashes, irritation and other related problems during the warm summer months, then tea tree oil body butter is ideal for you. It has extracts of tea tree in it and is blended with lighter body butter forms that are perfect for the warm summer months. They don’t really form a thick coating and can be applied with ease.

10. Avocado Body Butter To Replenish Skin

Made from natural extracts of the avocado you get a high dose of fatty acids with this body butter form. Why it really works is because there are fats here that replenish the cells and it digs deep into the cells, fighting dry skin and repairing skin damage issues.

11. Jojoba Body Butter For All Skin Types

Jojoba body butter is a lighter version of body butters on application but it sure works well for all dry skin types. It is also suited for normal skin types because the texture is quite light.

12. Papaya Body Butter For Light Moisturising

If you want to get smooth and even skin tone while providing your skin with hydration then papaya body butter is the way to go. It is not very heavy or dense, yet it conditions the skin softly and supply to give you health and glowing results.

13. Chamomile Body Butter To Soothe The Skin

This is again well suited for the night time when you want light nourishment for your skin but also sooth your senses. Chamomile does just that with light hydration and a beautiful fragrance to help you sleep and relax, while your skin undergoes repair work.

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